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  1. Jet Plane and Oxbow (Sub Pop, 2016)
    by Shearwater
    I am old enough to have had heard the transition of the 70"s music through tech. There was an element of mystery and adventure that was soon consumed into 80's pop. This release recaptures some of that early promise that was lost. A wide open canvas. Damned brilliant.
  2. Tension/Release
    by Dark Backward
  3. Hot Egg
    by No Teef
    We'll Have A Think, Eh? We'll Have A Think, Eh?
    Maybe it's just my personal mental issues, but I laughed out loud at several points. It is a pointed stick for the musician ego as this very smart band takes aim at just about every balloon.
  4. Real Ale and Model Rail: The Lonely Man's Guide to Not Committing Suicide
    by Alpha Male Tea Party
  5. BOSH!
    by Cleft
  6. Bastards' Brew
    by The Gentlemen Bastards
  7. Demo
    by King Buffalo
    Pocket Full Of Knife Pocket Full Of Knife
    Dark and verby but dynamic. Nice soundtrack to melancholia that compliments rather than induces.
  8. Dead Wilderness
    by The Shooters
    A fan of a simple heavy groove that moves. These fellows waste no time. I got this within 30 seconds. Sweet!
  9. Desire
    by Rob Fetters
    A fan since the days of the Bears. Rob's delivery is clear, his playing amazing. If you can find the song "Fear Is Never Boring", you will be hearing one of the light bulbs of my own writing: one can be edgy, pop and funny without contradiction. Thanks Rob.
  10. Lend Me Your Ears
    by Joseph Airport
    I am a fan of Jason Short. If you have run into Jason, you probably understand.

    This follows the Dayton tradition nicely. Smart D.I.Y. pop that bends arrangement and production values in favor of a polite arty edginess.