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  1. Trip to New York
    by WEEDIAN
    Geezer - Stressknots Geezer - Stressknots
    Pat Harrington. Geezer. Badass.
  2. Hit The Road
    by Marbles Power Trio
  3. Trip to Wisconsin
    by WEEDIAN
  4. Ultramega OK (Expanded Reissue)
    by Soundgarden
    Incessant Mace Incessant Mace
    I don't like Seattle but I do love some of the bands that came out of there, including Soundgarden. First time I heard Kim's riff I knew this was more than just grunge.
  5. Wight Weedy Wight 10th anniversary edition
    by Wight
    Hammer Boogie - 2021 Mix Hammer Boogie - 2021 Mix
  6. El Supremo
    by El Supremo
  7. The Crow's Eye
    by The Crow's Eye
  8. Apollo
    by Severed Satellites
  10. Glacial Rule
    by ATTALLA
  11. Trip to Maryland: A Tribute to Dave Sherman
    by WEEDIAN
  12. Uplifted By The Hook
    by Interstellar Smoke Records
  13. Graveyard Poetry
    by Abdullah
  14. Volume IV
    by Various Artists
    Curse the Son - Disaster in Denial Curse the Son - Disaster in Denial
    Gotta go with my local boys in Curse The Son!
  15. Doom
    by BIMBO
  16. Kult Occult
    by Leather Nun America
  17. Santa Claus (Parody of "Panama" by Van Halen)
    by The Society of Bandits
  18. Doomed & Stoned in England (Vol. II)
    by Doomed and Stoned Records
  19. Eggsplosion (2019) EP
    by Mad Chicken
  20. The Weed
    by Ironweed
    Sweet Abandon Sweet Abandon
    Get your heavy riff and groove on. Massive.