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  1. Black Masses and Ashes
  2. Loyds Trip
    by Loyds Trip
  3. Lost Psychonaut
    by Lost Psychonaut
  4. LOF
    by LOWTONE
    Sometimes it's hard to pinpoint the exact sound you dig when trying to describe it to someone else. Lowtone hit my sweet spot perfectly. This shit sounds great when turned up to massive levels. It's the kind of riffage you would hear come out of Texas, a la Wo Fat, only these cats are from France. Bluesy, fuzzy goodness from this trio!
  5. Fog Cult
    by Fog Cult
    The Beast The Beast
    Whoa....Sometimes I get sick and tired of trying to put shit into a genre or genres, or compare their sound to another band that preceeded it. With this one I'm just gonna say it's fucking thick, heavy, groovy licks, with many tracks being highly replayable. Good shit. Put yourself into a "FOG" and let the music massage your soul.
  6. Velvet Jupiter
    by Velvet Jupiter
    Star Queen Star Queen
    Simple review. If you love Soundgarden and Chris Cornell vocals, just buy it. Don't even listen, just name your price. Easy as a Sunday mornin'..........
  7. Excruciation
    by Curse the Son
    Worry Garden Worry Garden
    So, I purchased Curse's new album without a listen, basing my decision off their previous albums and the many, many times I travelled to see them live (Shout out to The Outer Space Ballroom). I know these guys will create shit that will get me rockin'. People love when bands "evolve". I don't. I like new material and I like them to bring just what I fell in love with on the first date. Keep your acoustics and progressive maturation..... No offense to The Sword......(Yeah, still stings).
  8. Orc
    by Orc
    I Got Mine I Got Mine
    Wow. I am super diggin’ this. Have a super fuzzy sound a la Fu Manchu. In fact, if you want to, go listen to Fu’s “The Mongoose”, turn it up and you’ve got a preview of Orc. Other than their sound, what I love most about these cats is it’s just one punishing earthquake after next, no slow downs or acoustical diversions. If the band reads this, MORE OF THE SAME Y’ALL!
  9. Trollin
    by Cooze Hound
  10. Whispering Wild Stories
    by Denizen
  11. Songs From The Kraken : The Georges Sessions
    by Denizen
    Tambourine Blues Tambourine Blues
    It's the day after Thanksgiving, and I'm stuffed to the gills with turkey and taters. But I always have room for more fuzz, more riffs, more licks that get the heart pumping. Denizen rocks.....
  12. Troubled Waters
    by Denizen
    Whoresmoker Whoresmoker
    Sum bitch these cats rock! I hate trying to compare bands all the time but it is useful when trying to describe the music for a possible new listener. To my blown out eardrums, Denizen sound a hell of alot like Roadsaw. Or Skunk. With Denizen, it is truly all about the riff and they got em'. These fuckers must bring the house down live. Here's to Denizen, you awesome French hairy bastards! Listen to it LOUD!
  13. Speaking Without Words (Bicycle Jams)
    by Derelics
  14. Guilty of Being Young
    by Derelics
  15. Antes de partir
  16. Volumen 2
  17. Vas al mar
  18. Doomed & Stoned in Philadelphia
    by Doomed & Stoned
  19. The Wizard Is Loose
    by Center of the Earth
  20. Till Marijannah
    by Marijannah