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  1. Μέσα μου Ζει
    by Uncensored
    by Cayetano
  3. Drive in Cinema
    by Guzzle
  4. The Cutting Edge Of A Knife
    by Penelope's Fiancé
  5. Vicious Circles
    by Ice_Eyes
  6. teens in mute, blots in motion
    by emdy & Auberg1ne
  7. Α.Ι.
    by Konstantinos Kouzas
  8. Moon Phases
    by Esoteric Sob
  9. What Words Can't Say
    by The Abyss Inside Us
  10. ουρανοταξικα / hisipos distintivos
    by melophobia, Rutilus from Cyprinidae
  11. Άπνοια
    by Μαύρο Δεντρί
    Της Ξενιτιάς Της Ξενιτιάς
    Μετά την εκατοστή φορά ακρόασης σε μια εβδομάδα, εξακολουθεί να συγκινεί όπως την πρώτη.
  12. Φίλες
    by δεσποινίς τρίχρωμη (miss trichromi)
  13. Supermoon
    by Supermoon
  14. Bird On a Fence
    by OneDropForward
  15. Knowledge
    by OneDropForward
  16. Pop Nihilism
    by Afformance
  17. The Place
    by Afformance
  18. Filodia
    by Delasito project
  19. Escape The Blaze, Only To Find Another
    by Celuta Red
  20. Idle Frenzy
    by Celuta Red