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  1. Less
    by An Moku
  2. Tape Pieces Vol. 2
    by Chris Child & Micah Frank
  3. Death Is Not The Straight Line
    by davidkframpton
  4. Cluster / Pulsar
    by New Frontiers
  5. Deads
    by LLNN
    Absolute dark bliss.
  6. Scar Sighted
    I feel this record is a masterpiece from WrestPlague. Stands up to repeated listenings.
  7. Success
    by KEN mode
  8. Furnace
    by B A T I L L U S
  9. Demo
    by Deadsea
  10. 2 Ynfynyty
    by Cherubs
  11. Euthanist
    by All The Way Alive
    appears in 1 other collection
  12. Strawberry Mansion/Twelve Hours
    by X SUNS
  13. X SUNS
    by X SUNS
  14. III
    by X SUNS
  15. The Greys
    by X SUNS