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  1. I Shall Be Free
    by Hot Snakes
  2. Checkmate
    by Hot Snakes
  3. Polvo
    by Polvo
  4. 1906
    by A Broken Sail
  5. Bible Songs 1
    by The Austerity Program
  6. Limelight
    by Sebadoh
  7. a broken sail
    by a broken sail
  8. Scaffolding / Have Fun Mister
    by Malcolm Middleton
  9. ENDE
    by Papa M / A Broken Sail
  10. the Hat Factory 93
    by RODAN
  11. Lou Barlow plays Waterfront
    by Lou Barlow sentridoh
  12. paranoid revolution (sentridoh '93 vol. 2) EP
    by Lou Barlow sentridoh
  13. forever instant (sentridoh '93 vol. 1) EP
    by Lou Barlow sentridoh
  14. Lonesome Valley (Echo Park full band demo)
    by Magnolia Electric Co.
  15. Jason Molina: The Townes Van Zandt Covers 7”
    by Jason Molina
  16. The Black Sabbath Covers
    by Jason Molina
  17. One Thin Dime (from Black Ram Session)
    by Magnolia Electric Co.
    by PAPA M
  19. Badtime Stories EP
    by Papa M
  20. Love & Work: The Lioness Sessions
    by Songs: Ohia
  21. "Our Work Is Done" b/w "Total Eclipse"
    by Superchunk
  22. Bananas
    by Malcolm Middleton
  23. Drone Loops EP 1
    by J Foley
  24. "What a Time to Be Alive (Acoustic)" b/w "Erasure (Acoustic)"
    by Superchunk
  25. Child's Christmas in Wales
    by Superchunk
  26. "Break the Glass" b/w "Mad World"
    by Superchunk
  27. "I Got Cut" b/w "Up Against the Wall"
    by Superchunk
  28. Staring At Your Hologram
    by Mac McCaughan
  29. Kentucky Battleground Songs (pt 2)
    by Coincident Pair Records
  30. Kentucky Battleground Songs (pt 4)
    by Coincident Pair Records
  31. Kentucky Battleground Songs (pt 3)
    by Coincident Pair Records
  32. Kentucky Battleground Songs (pt 1)
    by Coincident Pair Records
  33. Rock 'N' Roll Mantasy (Bonus Track)
    by Torche
  34. Harmonslaught (Bonus Track)
    by Torche
  35. Mouldy Bread (Collection *1987-1991)
    by Eric Gaffney (Sebadoh co-founder)
  36. Eric's Leftovers (1990-1993)
    by Eric (co-founder of Sebadoh)
  37. Possible Obstructed View
    by Grifters
  38. Survivalized
    by Survival Knife
  39. Homegoings and Transitions
    by Floor
  40. Faith And Curses: Live
    by Coliseum
  41. Obscure Verses for the Multiverse
    by Inquisition
  42. Lions Eye
    by Sannhet
  43. Known Flood
    by Sannhet
  44. Summer 720 b/w 沙鼠E
    by Bored Spies
  45. Skull Drones part 2
    by Per Mission