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  1. Getaway
    by Caspro, Decisive Koala
  2. Club Tropez
    by L'Avenue
  3. Tour de France
    by L'Avenue
  4. Luxury Corp. ラグジュアリ
    by THALREX & GammaFlow
  5. Antithetic
    by The Higher Line
  6. Dreams of Hope
    by Marador
  7. Dimensions
    by Caspro
  8. Lucid Dream
    by Klaatu
  9. Riviera
    by L'Avenue
    There isn't anything more beautiful than L'Avenue artwork on these vinyls, and the sound is straight outta the 80's. Classic movie track vibes. Can't wait to see what you give us later on this year.
  10. Ashes And Dust
    by Morphoice & Kalax
  11. Drive Until Dawn (feat. Sleepless-Nights)
    by THALREX
  12. Subjection
    by Max Overdrive 1986
  13. Cosmic Voyage
    by Betamaxx & FM Attack
  14. Vapor
    by Persona La Ave & Baraka
  15. Digital Despair
    by Tupperwave
  16. 11:55
    by Sleepless Nights
  17. Nearer
    by Radical_Bicep
  18. Uraゼルダ
    by ACTIONЯƎꟼ⅃AY & kiwii
  19. On the Run
    by Timecop1983
    Timecop1983 is truly one of the top Synthwave artists out there. Every track is deep, thought-provoking music.

    Fav track- On the Run🎶 and- It was only a Dream🎵
  20. Future Waves vol.2
    by Cyberwalker