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  1. Pointless Reminder
    by Free System Projekt
  2. On the Edge of Nowhere
    by Gert Emmens
  3. Zentropol
    by Synth replicants
    zentropol zentropol
    Beautiful rich work! Zentropol, a peaceful journey floating in your inner essence, guided by soft musical swells .Saving my memories; deeply pondering how precious, fleeting life is. White desert Dream reflects well the wide awake dream I have had on a warm summer night with the sky filled with shimmering stars, in the desert here! Elegant emotionally uplifting gem by Synth Replicant!
  4. Moon Of Pictoris
    by Lars Tuchel
  5. Owlers Wood (waag_rrl004)
    by Cousin Silas
  6. Late Night Constructions
    by The Soviet Space Dog Project
  7. Hydrological Cycle / A Water Adventure [CYD 0054]
    by MindPhaser
  8. Different Faces
    by Detlef Keller
  9. Live at Parque Luro
    by Cartas de Japón
    The ascent The ascent
  10. Cycles and Pulses
    by Brendan Pollard
  11. Composed Architecture
    by The Soviet Space Dog Project
    by Michael Brückner
  13. Mythical Worlds
    by Fritz Mayr
  14. Transfer Station Blue
    by Michael Shrieve, Klaus Schulze and Kevin Shrieve
  15. Cepheus Origin
    by State Azure
  16. Ultima Ratio
    by Bernhard Wöstheinrich & Stephen Parsick
  17. Deus Arrakis
    by Klaus Schulze
  18. The Umbrella Man (album)
    by Synth replicants
  19. Convergence
    by Michael Stearns and Erik Wøllo
  20. Pulse Width [CYD 0052]
    by Paul Ellis