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  1. Alien Species
    by Thaneco
    They Harvest Energy From The Sun They Harvest Energy From The Sun
  2. Spacewalker
    by Fritz Mayr
    Spacewalker Spacewalker
    Beautiful and emotionally rich, title track captures the amazement, thrill of entering, floating in space, in the end, awe, wonder of being there.Weightless, intense feeling of being able to be there, safely enclosed in protective space suit which allows such miracles.Album just packed with complex elements, symphonic qualities, wonderful and very enjoyed.
  3. Whispers Of The Moon (2015)
    by MoonSatellite
    Sequences Are Beautiful Sequences Are Beautiful
    Magnificent album, rich,very complex ,so many beautiful layers of elegant sequences,synth pads and ambiences all so skillfully intertwined with a masters touch,emotionally warm and inviting,engaging, a tapestry of beauty,very enjoyed,I love it!!! Every time i listen to this album,i love it more!Voices of the Moon, main sequence so elegant, all the other elements floating in and out so subtle and exquisite,caresses my mind and soul so much!!!!
  4. Firedance
    by Wolfproject & friends
    by Sequentia Legenda
    Another WOW album,Fly Over Me, 2 minutes in, a centering sequence begins softly and slowly builds in intensity,joining with rich, warm,welcoming music, increasingly caresses your mind and soul,profoundly soothing and satisfying Laurant understands emotions so well,just close your eyes and float in this exquisite place.....;-)
  6. En Trance
    by Fritz Mayr
    En Trance En Trance
    Just wonderfully fun trance dance music,album opens with a big burst of energy and an invitation to the dance!!!Wonderful syncopation elements throughout which I love.Every track is unique,some are being playful with your head as they go back and forth between the headphones.Love the subtle variations in all the different trance vibes.
  7. FIVE
    by Sequentia Legenda
    Deep Sequences Deep Sequences
    So beautiful!!Circular S.warm soothing, centering bass drones while lively sequences take your hand and guides you on a wonderful cosmic voyage! Deep S.opening percussive sequence is just elegant and makes me feel so good!!Beautiful evolving symphonics follow,add so much expanding richness,depth,so satisfying,beautiful, gentle closure,Reflective S.soft elegant synth pads,warm and inviting, very subtle. Amazing work,bravo!!!wow, this is so amazing, thank you , so enjoyed.......;-)

  8. Just fun to explore your mind
    by Phrozenlight
    Fascinating and fun!!An electronic alien slowly wandering in all the rooms in your mind, finding astounding and amazing things,a good amount of just mundane rant,,some scary stuff too and then the things he wished he had not experienced ...-( ...hoping to find your essence and your warmth and understanding eventually in there....-))
  9. + (Split Album)
    by Adeptus Mechanicus & Harald Gramberg
    Harald Gramberg - Weersvoorspelling Harald Gramberg - Weersvoorspelling
    What a wow album! Opening track amazing keyboard work, exquisite, rich, so much depth!Rest of album, so rich and complex, tells such beautiful stories of journeys, warm and very inviting ,intimate, just beautiful, thank you !!!! ;-)

  10. Opium
    by Eisenlager
    Opium 1 Opium 1
    Very beautiful, wonderful and rich, synth pads and ambiences, so warm and inviting, but very subtle, ever increasing complexities, but done with elegant restraint, I love it, extremely unique keyboard work, very enjoyed....;-) love the bass shimmer effect starting at 6 minutes in ;-)
    by Sequentia Legenda
    Stratums of Seraphic Voices Stratums of Seraphic Voices
    Words cannot describe the beauty here, I cried when the first tract started, music made it's way immediately to the most tender and vulnerable places in my mind and soul and began to feed it, it a so tender and loving energy,soothe away longings and bring such a profound peacefulness! I am in complete awe,profoundly beautiful and warm,Thank you both!!!
  12. 3
    by Pollard Daniel Booth
  13. MIND LAKE [experimental version]
    by Sequentia Legenda
    This is more rich and complex as the finest chocolate, warmer and as satisfying as a loving embrace from your most beloved friends and family, music to enrich you and yours and your life, enjoy please!!!!
    by Sequentia Legenda
    Valentins Traum Valentins Traum
    What a beautyhere!Out of silence,warm,expansive,sense of wonder at 1st snow fall, silent flakes swirl,dance and you are in a fairy land,Lei et m.engaging,gently urgent,edgy,wonderful colors,textures,percussive elements elegantly subtle,Valintins elegant with complex sequences,warm,calm bass supporting,so soft subtle ambiences throughout,all richly intertwined,beautiful and very satisfying!!;-))
  15. Observers
    by Fritz Mayr
    The Experiment The Experiment
    Fritz, you have outdone your self again with this,just brilliant work!!!! All your past elements are really shining here plus so much more.Very rich and varied synth pads and ambiences,wonderful syncopation ,love the symphonic and percussive , other subtle elements,dancing in my head,just beautiful and so soul satisfying,Bravo to you!!!
  16. Schemes & Ruses (DiNDDL23)
    by Ian Boddy & Nigel Mullaney
    Hidden Rooms Hidden Rooms
    Wow and OMG I love this!!!So very sensual, a huge collection of colors,textures,just packed with rich emotions,then add all the wonderful cerebral effects!Hidden Rooms, a huge electronic being exploring the hidden rooms in my head, very amazing and brilliant!!!...-))
  17. Slide (DiN31)
    by Ian Boddy
  18. Escher drawings
    by Bas Broekhuis
    Escher drawings part 1 Escher drawings part 1
    This is an exquisite musical jewel, elements in here I have never heard done, like in drawing one and two,multiple sequences reflecting back on each other, like an echo, dazzling effect,I love it!!!Drawing three seem a rich tribute to the drawings themselves,beautiful!!Percussive elements, and everything else just over the top wonderfully done,very enjoyed, thank you!!!...-))
  19. Future City
    by Sayer
  20. Church (DiN35)
    by ARC
    Veil Veil
    Wow, this is really elegant,rich,everything I love in EM music, over the top beautiful.Veil track just gripping with emotion, love that big booming Moog base in it,that tract almost makes "Cherry Bomb" and "Howl" look sedate !!! The two of you in this collaboration are truly a musical celestial marriage made in heaven, Bravo to you both....))
  21. Moon
    by Fritz Mayr
    Out on the Moon Out on the Moon

    This is Fritz s best work yet, bold, eager to try new things,new patterns.edgy and wonderfully urgent, I am blown away truly !!! Out on the moon just fabulous and heartfelt journey, exquisite.Will be editing this for sure to add content as I slowly savor this in depth, blessings and peace.......G.....- ))
  22. Space Trip
    by Fritz Mayr
    Descent Descent
    Wonderfully fun fantasy space romp!Great trance vibes hanging out with spirited sequences and synth pads.Delightful suprises tossed in unexpectedly!Hold on tight in the Flight track till you settle in to space dance.Duck when humorous elements fly by.Stay warm out there, have a pleasant "trip"Is that colorful album alien friendly I wonder ?
  23. The Rhodes Dreams
    by Fritz Mayr
    Rhodes Dreamer Rhodes Dreamer
    Wow, another wonderful tribute to a place visited by Sir Fritz, he loves to do them.Elegant journey across the vast deserts of Australia!!Haunting Aboriginal instruments call us to dream, then keep us company as we float above the never ending seas of sands of this ancient land.We visit the cultures written on canyon walls, timeless writings about the nature of man then, so amazing,beautiful and very magical, and very enjoyed ; - )))) note the mystical face in the sand on album cover!!!
  24. Ballerina
    by Fritz Mayr
    Through the Times Through the Times
    A warm and fascinating journey celebrating all women.Soft bongos call female dancers everywhere.They are here, leaping and swirling with fluttering sheer veils . We float above little girls dancing,satin ribbons and ruffles.A timeless chant calls out all their stories, beckons us to follow, magical!!!

  25. Symphonic Dreams
    by Fritz Mayr
  26. Moonwind
    by John Dyson / Wavestar
    Moonwind Moonwind
    Every time I listen to John s music, my heart just melts, I am floating so blissfully among the stars. He is without a doubt the music god of the keyboard, no one plays with so much soul and feeling. Now I have finally collected all your works to savor, and thank you so much for your wonderful gifts!!! :-)))
  27. Different Faces
    by Detlef Keller
    OMG, this is just over the top gorgeous!!!Incredibly rich with multiple layers of wonderful sequences, filled with intertwining beautiful elements that cannot be described in words, just so very enjoyed and felt, I am blown away by this one, just had to have it. Greetings from Los Angeles,USA, I would so love to get to be at one of your amazing concerts!!! :-)))))
  28. Mojave
    by Fritz Mayr
    Night Wings Night Wings
    A glorious celebration of our beautiful, vast and mysterious deserts in the southwest parts of the USA. Fritz has been here..Millions of bats at twilight, silently flowing outward, , on their night wings seeking out the billions of insects.At dawn,a brilliant,clear blue sky regards the sweeping ocean of sand below .It midnight now , and we are asleep on the warm, soft, yielding sands, under millions of glimmering stars,in the velvet darkness, blissful!!!
  29. Synchronized
    by Fritz Mayr
    Just love it,gorgeous art work, would be more scary if it were not so beautiful,but I would not like to meet that robot in a dark alley alone!!Varied and wonderful sequences and pads, ambiences, unique in each track,S2, nice,warm major, minor chord changes, S3 fun and wild slide into the musical mosh pit, unique and fresh, good stuff,very enjoyed!!!!
  30. Visions Of Tomorrow
    by Vanderson
    Visions Of Tomorrow Visions Of Tomorrow
    Wow, this is so very cool, love the complex and varied intertwined sequences. the use of lots of syncopation, and that driving bass drum, lets all dance!!!!!
  31. Encore Live Vol-2
    by SpiralDreams
    Another high end, high class piece of work. even more layers of very complex , detailed ,rich and varied sequencing scattered with wonderful bits of ambience.Love the mesmorizing quality throughout, just close your eyes under your headphones and let the music take you on an elegant journey:-))))
  32. Encore Live Vol-1
    by SpiralDreams
    This just very classy,high end music, super rich ,beautifully entwined, very lush sequencing,warm strong bass under it, gentle urgency drives it along, enriching the emotional quality.Very unique percussive elements makes it all more engaging,very enjoyed;))
  33. Westerlund
    by Fritz Mayr
    Taken in Visible Taken in Visible
    Beautiful album, just keeps getting batter and better, more of everything I love, colors, sequencing patterns, wonderful subtle ambiences, more fun suprises/!!!Words are inadequate to describe musical enjoyment, must be experienced:)))
  34. Crystal
    by Fritz Mayr
    Crystal Poem Crystal Poem

    So elegant and subtle, like a walk in the mountains after a spring rain. You stop frequently to savor the fragrances of trees, ,enjoy the busy bees wandering over the flowers.The warm bass drone in Crystal Poem is your footpath . Post storm clouds are being blown around the sky in ever changing patterns.Beautiful stuff, and very enjoyed!!;-)))
  35. Indifferent Universe
    by Alluste
  36. Visible Galaxy
    by Fritz Mayr
    Mysterious Planet Mysterious Planet
    Elegantly beautiful, an amazing journey through the galaxy,soothing and mysterious songs and sounds we hear as we float along on the cosmic wind then suddenly we have to flee as we stumble on an exploding star!!! Just wonderful work;)))
  37. Live at the NSC
    by Kubusschnitt
    This wonderful band just offers such a huge variety of types of musical offerings,just got "Lost Cathedral Rehearsal" at the same time, its completely and delightfully different!!!Love the sequencing and the ambiences, especially the drippy water ones. Love the chorus of syncopation am hearing right now!! Just great stuff!!!
  38. The Lost Cathedral Rehearsal
    by Kubusschnitt
    It is difficult to describe why I love this in words,I just do.Exquisite, elegant, also mysterious. A subtle , hard edge is there, you want to investigate further but are a bit fearful of possible dangerous elements you may encounter .Just wonderful high end stuff!!!
  39. Spheres
    by Fritz Mayr
    Solar Winds Solar Winds
    WOW, more pure brain candy!!!All tracts are different and all just very fine10 over 10.!solar Wind, sequencing starting at about 4 minutes like running thru a sprinkler on a hot summer day!!!
  40. Analogous Digitus
    by Fritz Mayr
    Bipolar Bipolar
    200% pure brain candy. like a musical layer cake, rich , warm bass drone on the bottom, beautiful bass waves next, then multiple changing layers of complex sequences all so perfectly blended together, sprinkled with lots of fun suprises, very enjoyed, am a new fan!!!
  41. Travelling Light
    by airsculpture
  42. Musique des machines
    by Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder
    These guys just create music that is high class and high end!!! Part 2 is my favorite, got the album just to get it.Absolutely brilliant picture of collaborating machines with all their both squabbling and in turn joking around with each other, wonderful humorous episodes that kept me giggling with delight,please enjoy this!!!
  43. Across The Silver River
    by Rudy Adrian & Ron Boots
    Hi Ron and Rudy, this is soft as the finest silk.beautifully languid,love the gentle ambiences, very enjoyed, thank you!!!
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  44. Sequenced Thoughts
    by Vanderson featuring Lambert
    So beautifully soft but very engaging, excellent multiple layers of sequencing, lush ambiences, I love my music complex, very enjoyed, thank you!!!
  45. Halo
    by Redshift
    Halo Halo
    I love EVERYTHING Redshift has done, ever since I got Ether album when it first came out. Powerful,complex and rich, the title track has a very personal emotional punch, awesome stuff!!Words are not great at describing these kinds of things, they can only be felt, very enjoyed, thank you!!!