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Synthetic Linger

  1. Cape Town, South Africa
  2. Electronic
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  1. Pspiralife - "Darkness Feels Good" Remixes (Free Download)
    by Zenon Records
  2. Anicca (free download)
    by Pspiralife
  3. Biche (Amortalist Remix)
    by Loose Connection
  4. Wabi Sabi
    by Pspiralife
  5. Facing The Unknown
    by Amortalist & Airi
  6. Elevator ll
    by Airi
  7. Famous
    by Occer
  8. Occer - Peacemaker
    by Zenon Records
  9. Martin Kinrus - Revolt (Christian Craken Remix)
    by Christian Craken
  10. Breath Control
    by Kliment
  11. Metasphere
    by Kliment
  12. Erase Me - Prism (Maksim Dark Remix)
    by Erase Me, Maksim Dark
  13. The New Breed Vol.2
    by Zenon Records
  14. Create Relate
    by Ryanosaurus
  15. V/A TEN "Remixed" (Free Download)
    by Urban Antidote Records
  16. We Wombats (Bongani Remix)
    by Ark-E-Tech, Kase Kochen, Bongani
  17. Crocadelia EP
    by Freedom Fighters - Stereo Society
  18. Busted EP
    by Frequency Less
  19. Selections 2017 (Free Download)
    by Zenon Records
  20. Collected Works 2016 - 2018 (free download!)
    by Sensient
  21. V/A - "Assimilated" (Compiled by Freedom Fighters)
    by Zenon Records
  22. Selections 2018 (free download!)
    by Zenon Records
  23. This Is Our Sell-Out Shit
    by Nuke Smugglaz
  24. Airi - Happy Kindness To You (2TO6EP003) - FREE DOWNLOAD -
    by 2TO6 Records
  25. Once Upon a Time - Matters Of Spirit EP
    by Once Upon a Time
  26. Rainforest
    by Dirty Saffi
  27. Sounds of Spores (compiled by Pandemia) 2TO6DR021
    by 2TO6 Records
  28. Nautilus
    by Various Artists
  29. Future Land - V.A. (Parvati Records / Digital Shiva Power)
    by Parvati Records
  30. Earthstrong
    by Various Artists
  31. A Pinch of Thoughts (Compiled by Yonagual)
    by Zenon Records
  32. Rumble in the Jungle 2
    by Various Artists
  33. VA The Dark Side of Dawn
    by Blue Hour Sounds
  34. No Fun
    by NOBOT
  35. 10 Year Selections (Free Download)
    by Omveda Records
  36. Transhumanism
  37. Theatre Of Freaks II - V.A.
    by Funky Freaks Records
  38. Fractal Universes E.P.
    by Bio Babas
  39. Radical $uicide
    by $uicideboy$
  40. V/A "The New Era Is Coming" Compiled By Izar
    by Popol-Vuh Records
  41. Varázsló - Why Not?
    by Galactic Crew
  42. Sangomandala compiled by Daksinamurti
    by VA (Sangoma Records)
  43. X - V.A. (Pixan Recordings)
    by Pixan Recordings
  44. The War On Consciousness LP
    by Olie Bassweight
  45. VA Blue Sangoma Sounds
    by Blue Hour Sounds