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  1. Dream Weapon
    by Genghis Tron
  2. Daggers
    by Jim Ward
    Day By Day Day By Day
    This guy won. If it were a contest, he won. If there was a competition, a petty competition, this guy would be doing the victory dance. But he’s nothing but a true artist creating fantastic music.
  3. Terminus
    by jesu
  4. Disco 6 (Motherhood Demos)
    by No Joy
    And back then, there was an attempt to accomplish so much with so little. The accompanying sound of footsteps like a heartbeat.
  5. What It Feels Like For a Girl (cover)
    by No Joy
    “Nobody could ever: so hold off on trying.”
  6. Drone 6 (Motherhood Demos)
    by No Joy
    But that’s not really what empathy is…
  7. SMILE -Live at Wolf Creek-
    by Boris
    虹が始まる時 -Rainbow- 虹が始まる時 -Rainbow-
    Hail. Sun. Rain. Rainbows through marble monuments in the sky.
  8. Year of the Horse
    by Fucked Up
  9. The Besnard Lakes Are The Last of the Great Thunderstorm Warnings
    by The Besnard Lakes
    Over the short incline, with streetlights still lit in the early morning, towards the towers not too far off in the distance.
  10. Piano Christmas
    by Brie-Anne Meyer
  11. Evans City
    by Zombi
  12. Tougher Than Shoe Leather
    by Terry Funk
  13. B O G U S // COLLECTIVE - Volume 2
    by VA
  14. eternity
    by Boris
  15. vein
    by Boris
  16. Rivoli
    by Fucked Up
  17. Live at CBGB's
    by Fucked Up
  18. 2018
    by Mogwai
  19. Solo Live/Acoustic July 31, 2020
    by Jim Ward
  20. Coward
    by Made Out Of Babies