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  1. Metal
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    by Astralborne
  2. God Emperor
    by Undrask
  3. Cosmogenesis
    by Obscura
  4. Iconic
    by Obsidious
  5. Diluvium
    by Obscura
    Clandestine Stars Clandestine Stars
  6. A Valediction
    by Obscura
    When Stars Collide When Stars Collide
  7. I, The Mask
    by In Flames
  8. Foregone
    by In Flames
  9. Ounas I
    by Suotana
  10. Escaping Eternity
    by The Devils of Loudun
  11. A Dream if Ever There Was One
    by Chaos Over Cosmos
  12. Land Of The Ending Time
    by Suotana
  13. Wings Of Fire
    by Brymir
  14. Voices In The Sky
    by Brymir
    Voices in the Sky Voices in the Sky
  15. Abgott
    by Pentarium
  16. III
    by Hate In Hands
  17. Malice For The Hated Enemy
    by Dead Beyond Fear
  18. Gloire Éternelle
    by First Fragment
    In'el In'el
  19. Netherheaven
    by Revocation
  20. Immensity
    by SYMPULS-E
    The Pathfinder The Pathfinder