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  1. They Hate Francisco False (15 Year Remastered Pressing)
    by Ceschi
  2. Coulez mes larmes, dit le policier [MS005]
    by Mauvais Sang
  3. coma worthy
    by babelfishh
  4. Et n'être qu'au milieu des monstres
    by 10
  5. The Best of Mansbestfriend
    by Sole
  6. MBFX
    by sole
  7. Engulfed in the Marvelous Decay
    by Chris Conde
  8. Zenith
    by Perseph One
  9. Eyedea: Thirty Nine Lines
    by Eyedea
  10. Eyedea: The Many Faces of Mikey
    by Micheal Larsen
  11. Nights Cuts
  12. Portico
    by Heavy Stars
  13. The Nameless and the Named
    by Snaex
  14. TXTMS
    by OneWerd
  15. Suppose You Grow
    by Stagbriar
  16. Micromachine
    by Id Obelus & Walleye Slim
  17. Epoch
    by Virgil Wolfe
  18. Healing Hurts
    by Myles Bullen
  19. F U Z Z
    by Moodie Black
  20. Ghost Pipes
    by Anthony Maintain