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  1. Alicks - Help Me Out (CBNR020)
    by Alicks
    All They Ever Wanted All They Ever Wanted
    This album has a great mix of dreamy undertones with just the right amount of drums. It's addicting, and pairs well with a good set of headphones.
  2. in homes, in homes, in homes.
    by twincities
  3. Riderstorm
    by Mute Forest
  4. The Beauty of Survival
    by Foreign Fields
    This album is a mix off intense emotion, but using delicate sound to express it. The reason why I love FF. Also, I love how closely "A Better Person" reminds me of "six herons" from twincities. Maybe there is some inspiration in there? Or coincidence, haha. Anyway, thanks for another amazing album. I'm still listening!
  5. we sit on floors we stand on chairs
    by woodworkings
    we sit on floors we stand on chairs we sit on floors we stand on chairs
  6. Spiritual Instinct
    by Alcest
    Le Miroir Le Miroir
    This album is amazing! Alcest is definitely one of top favorite artists and it's rare for me to enjoy every album a band puts out. Every track is well designed and executed.
  7. Immanuel
    by Tony Anderson
  8. Falling EP
    by kudasaibeats
    the girl i haven't met the girl i haven't met
    Chill rhythm, good for night driving.
  9. Listen To The Storm
    by Puppet
  10. Silencio
    by Brombaer
    Musing Under Moonlight Musing Under Moonlight
    Nieve I don't know where you are in this world but I hope you are doing well and thank you for introducing me to this beautiful music.
  11. Fangs
    by Little Red Lung
  12. Two Songs From a Lake Floor
    by Mute Forest
  13. Reforestation EP
    by Mute Forest
    Everglade Everglade
  14. Deforestation
    by Mute Forest
    From God, To Kane, To Seth From God, To Kane, To Seth
  15. No Bloke
    by Noble Oak
    Skyrunner Skyrunner
    Twenty Past Four, Saturday Aphelion, and Skyrunner
    by Noble Oak
    Laminar Suntails Laminar Suntails
    I forgot how I found your band, but I'm glad I did. You guys make amazing music! These 2 songs have a bit of retro-esque styles and you made them modern and smooth. I really dig it.
  17. Turning Witch EP
    by Mombi
  18. Saved
    by Now, Now
    Powder Powder
  19. Hymn to the Immortal Wind – Anniversary Edition
    by MONO
    Pure as Snow (Trails of the Winter Storm) Pure as Snow (Trails of the Winter Storm)
    Such an amazing album, I was so glad to be able to support MONO again. My friend also loves this album.
  20. We Deserve to Love Again
    by East of the River
    Wilderness Is Their Home Now Wilderness Is Their Home Now
    I bought this album because I heard Wilderness on YouTube. But every song sets the mood and gives this track a stronger emotional effect.