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Sven Dederichs

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  1. Torn Banners
    by Artaius
  2. Wonderful Wonderful World
    by R-GENIUM
  3. Forevermore (2019)
    by Control the Storm
  4. Lost Love Symphony
    by Dream Ocean
  5. The Divine Menace
    by Daedric Tales
  6. Hinterlands
    by Vetrar Draugurinn
  7. Soliloquies Of The Lost
    by Empyrean
  8. chandelier
    by autumn-us
  9. No More Now and Never Forever
    by Black Stars Falling
    appears in 1 other collection
  10. The Ravages of Time
    by Selene
  11. Mooniversary
    by Obsidian Shell
  12. The New Dawn
    by Dakesis
  13. Witch-Heart
    by Arcane Ritual
  14. The Melancholy Movies
    by Lighthouse In Darkness
  15. Light Shows and Shadow Puppets (Double Album)
    by Rachel Rose Mitchell
  16. The Wood Beyond the World
    by YYLVA
  17. Легенда Начинается
    by Aeterna
  18. To A New Eternity
    by Lux In Tenebris
  19. The Machine and the Beast
    by Alwaid
  20. Messenger In A Soulless World
    by Age of Dust
  21. Tessellation Of The Universe
    by Sanctorium
  22. Fairy Woods | Reimagined
    by Whispering Woods
  23. Soulminder
    by Obsidian Shell
  24. Destiny, Reignited
    by Order of Týr
  25. Elysia
    by Obsidian Shell
  26. Чёрные сказки (Chyorniye skazki)
    by Svaskalver
  27. Prisoner of Emotions
    by Julian's Lullaby
  28. Everybody dies, darling!
    by Killing Suzy
  29. In The Burning Darkness
    by Dramaticide
  30. The Forgotten
    by Selene
  31. Scherbenwelt
    by Lichtscheu
  32. Wasted Years
    by Nawather
  33. DreamCrusher
    by Divided We Fall
  34. The Other Side (of the mirror)
    by Dreams of Agony
  35. Dreadful
    by Ossonor
  36. Civilization
    by Emerald Mind
  37. Chaos Creates
    by Lux Purus
  38. From Here On
    by Eve's Fall
  39. Graveshadow EP
    by Graveshadow
  40. 7
  41. My Dark Images (Eng)
    by Velaverante
  42. Tearing Reality Asunder
    by Order of Týr
  43. Shadow (2015)
    by Scardust
  44. I'm Gonna Make It
    by Mercy Isle
  45. Hagalaz
    by HESS