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  1. House of the Mind
    by Comedy Of Errors
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    Song of Wandering Jacomus Song of Wandering Jacomus
    After the last two magnificent symphonic rock masterpieces, "Fanfare & Fantasy" (2013) and "Spirit" (2015), expectations for the follow-up album were rather high. I'm sorry to say that "House Of The Mind" falls a bit short of mine. The main problem are the first 20 minutes, including the 15-minute title epic. Tracks 01 and 02 lack interesting themes and gain momentum somewhat clumsily. However, things get much better with the short tracks 03 and 04, and the final 14-minute epic is once more solid proof that Jim Johnston is one of the undisputed masters of large-scale symphonic rock. The bonus track is a stunning remake of the band's oldest recorded song, issued in 1985 on cassette, concluding the album in a nice and pleasant way. On the bottom line, "House Of The Mind" still remains in memory as a remarkable effort, despite the slight initial shortcomings.
  2. EP
    by Trove
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    League League
    This Swedish duo, emerging from "Means End", is yet another band that vigorously defies classification - and that's good. Judging from its heavily djenty textures, the music might qualify as post-metal, but it also exhibits some marked symphonic rock and avantgarde traits. While just bass and drums are mentioned in the credits, there are lots of quite dominant keyboard lines to be heard as well. The themes and arrangements are fulminantly heavy and haunting in a most intriguing way, leaving a lasting impression even after the first listen.
  3. Eternal Cycle (EP)
    by Drifting Sun
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    Soldiers Soldiers
    "Deep Purple", "Dream Theater", "Genesis", "Jethro Tull", "Marillion"... well, those tags are somewhat misleading, since the music on this EP sounds considerably different, sharing only the basic progressive roots with the afore-mentioned bands. Beyond that, this music is pretty unique. Tagging it just "Sanders/Falconer" would be much more reliable, since these names have become supreme-quality trademarks by now. This songwriter team never delivers something less than excellent.
  4. Mind Colours
    by SoulenginE
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    Down The Street Down The Street
    It's not a big surprise that this Italian prog band plays excellent symphonic rock, once you know that both of the songwriters, Ettore Salati and Fabio Mancini, were members of the Genesis-inspired band "The Watch", featured together on the top-notch album "Primitive". Moreover, Ettore Salati contributed guitars to several Alex Carpani albums, including "The Sanctuary", while Fabio Mancini was part of the ELP Tribute Project. The latter heritage is clearly noticable on "No Way Out", which might have been titled "Son Of Tarkus" as well. Other notable influences appear to be Camel, Genesis of course, and even some 70's Kraut - Lucifer's Friend's unique album "Where The Groupies Killed The Blues" comes to mind while listening to "Down The Street". Oh, and one more important thing: I highly appreciate the nice thank-you letter from the band, included in the download. Maybe I'm a bit old-fashioned here... but those are things I keep on remembering forever - besides the splendid music.
  5. NOTTURNO CONCERTANTE Riscrivere il passato
    by Mellow Records MMP417
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    If the winter had its spirit If the winter had its spirit
    Eight years after the marvelous "The glass tear", this Italian band returned to the symphonic rock scene with a much clearer and richer sound, a couple of splendid new tracks, and radical reworkings of some older ones (hence the album title - "Rewriting the past"). The new songs deviate considerably from the style celebrated on the previous albums, being much more diverse and adventurous. The songs from earlier albums are revised in such a fundamental manner that it's sometimes hard to recognize them. Especially the exceptional ballad "So many things I would have done", one of the highlights on "The glass tear", really stands out with its new opulent arrangement.
    by Mellow Records MMP141
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    Dreams' hunters (pt 2) Dreams' hunters (pt 2)
    "Erewhon" predates "The glass tear" by about one year, and is basically in the same vein - which is a good thing, because I regard the latter as a highlight of Italian symphonic rock. The music on this album is quiet, balanced, soothing, and melodic. No dull distracting riffs, no acrobatic gimmicks - just pure beauty, skillfully composed and arranged.
    by CCI KIU
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    Por un pedacito de luz Por un pedacito de luz
    Every now and then I "return" to Argentina (musically, that is) in a desperate attempt to complete my Argentine album collection - which, of course, will never happen. The debut album of singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and music professor Cecilia Quiroga aka CCI KIU (probably to be pronounced Ceci Q), containing a charming collection of marvelous folk tunes, including some with a harder rock edge, is the next substantial contribution to it. Thanks a lot to "amigale" for discovering this scintillating gem!
  8. The Sanctuary
    by Alex Carpani
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    Entering the Sanctuary Entering the Sanctuary
    I admit that I haven't heard nor read Alex Carpani's name so far, although he's around for quite some time now. This is even more inexplicable regarding the obvious fact that he's an exceptional composer and musician. Prog is desperately in need of people like him. The main problem with contemporary prog is that tracks usually consist of opulent bridges joining overly trivial musical themes, leaving the listener discontent with unsatisfactory patchwork. Actually, it should be just the other way round, and Alex Carpani shows how to do it right. On this album, his carefully crafted themes flow seamlessly into one another, largely eliminating the need for bridges altogether. This gives his music an unparalleled and highly rewarding density. And thanks god, there's no epic on this album...
  9. Instar
    by Instar
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    The True Article The True Article
    Hard to describe this music... really really hard... and that's what I like most about it. Well, it crosses various genres back and forth, steadily refusing to settle anywhere for a while. Fusion? Post-metal? Math rock? Djent? Avantgarde? Experimental? Hmmm... all of the above in some way, but then again none of them at all. This music is sometimes dangerously close to losing all structure, but as soon as I think that everything will fall apart now - it just doesn't! It's a miracle... just as much as it's a miracle to me how Travis Orbin plays his drums in such an incredible way...
  10. Hawkridge
    by Kaguu
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    Bloodwing Bloodwing
    "Kaguu" is the brainchild of Mexican guitarist Rafa De la Garza, and "Hawkridge" was conceived and produced over the past two years in his spare time, while attending college. The effort was well worth it - the resulting debut album is as flawless, as it is stunning. Based on extremely exciting and crisply sounding virtuoso guitar work, the five tracks explore new fusion territory, while exhibiting quite some math rock and post-rock flavor.
  11. Wormwood
    by Bader Nana
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    Earth 1348 Earth 1348
    This is the first prog album from a Lebanese/Kuwaiti artist I'm listening to, and I'm quite pleasantly surprised about what I hear. However, don't expect anything exotic from this Arab one man band... the music sounds pretty much like clean US American prog in the tradition of "Spock's Beard" and "Dream Theater", and I can't find any Arab music traits whatsoever in there. Nevermind, the compositions are crafted excellently, with obvious love for good melodies and lush arrangements.
  12. The Ex Nihilo Cycle
    by Instar
    Stepping Stones Stepping Stones
    For now I can say that "Stepping Stones" is an exciting teaser, floating somewhere between fusion, post-metal, and math rock. And Travis Orbin's drum work is splendid, as always. I'll write a more detailed comment as soon as the full album is released.
    by Y/N
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    Organs Organs
    It's always a good day when I wake up in the morning and find an album among the new releases that is able to surprise me thouroughly. Actually, Zachary Kondak alias Y/N always has the surprise effect on his side. I really can't figure out how he manages to crank out so many weird tracks in a row, each of them leaving me seriously dumbfounded. Although clearly on progresssive ground, I'm reluctant to call this music "prog", beause it's far beyond the usual confines of this genre. Rather I'd use the the superior term "avantgarde" to do justice to this outstanding album.
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  14. NOTTURNO CONCERTANTE The glass tear
    by Mellow Records MMP262
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    My spectre around me night and day My spectre around me night and day
    One more gem I found in Jother's collection. While Italian symphonic rock is generally on a high quality level, this album is a real lucky strike. Rare are the albums which I'd call flawless, and this is one of those. It consists of a constant flow of pleasant tranquility, and the melodies and harmonies are among the most beautiful ones I can imagine.
  15. Balance EP
    by Ripley
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    Broken Broken
    Well, I always take notice spontaneously if a band lists "ABBA" among its musical influences... and I write this without any irony on my mind. However, haters of "ABBA" can calm down now, since this influence is not quite obvious on this album. Here, Colin Elsworth & friends present us with an adventurous blend of genres: They create catchy melodies typical for AOR, add some crunchy distorted guitar riffs inspired by indie/alternative rock, and package everything into symphonic rock arrangements. The result is something enchantingly new, which certainly deserves the tag "progressive".
  16. Tardigrade Space Rock! (de la Renaissance)
    by Clay Green's Polysorbate Masquerade Band
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    Passacaglia for Electron Bass Passacaglia for Electron Bass
    Usually I stay far away from 70's retro prog, but being a secret "Ekseption" fan, this album really touched me. While Clay Green doesn't mention this source of inspiration explicitly, it's obvious that he picked up Rick van der Linden's concept of arranging old classical pieces for a rock band with a dominant Hammond organ. Also obvious are nods to "Focus" and "The Nice" (which are mentioned in the liner notes). My only point of criticism is the inclusion of too many classical adaptations. Actually, Clay Green demonstrates on the only two original compositions "Avant Particle Piece" and "Passacaglia for Electron Bass" that his own musical ideas are way more interesting than the adapted ones (like it was the case with Rick van der Linden, admittedly).
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  17. defeat in terms of strategy
    by meauxdal
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    on the ground facing away from the planet on the ground facing away from the planet
    This is some of the most interesting electronic music I've listened to so far. It's bold and unusual, yet melodical and structured enough to keep me interested from beginning to end. Don't know quite what to compare it... maybe it's somewhat related to the strange and exciting works of Jork... anyway, it's outstanding and quite unique. Without any hesitation, I'd call it a masterpiece.
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  18. Monumentos
    by Pasajeros del Ultimo Tren
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    El Precipicio De Tu Alma El Precipicio De Tu Alma
    Exciting alternative rock from Chile with some 80's new wave influences. Haunting themes, fantastic guitars! Found in Jother's excellent collection.
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  19. Fantasizer!
    by Dean Watson
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    Caged Creator Caged Creator
    Change is good... usually, that is. Sometimes it's just fine if things stay the same forever - like the music of Dean Watson, for instance. Well, "forever" hasn't passed yet, but a couple of years with three album releases. The sound and feeling of the tracks remained a reliable constant across the albums so far, with exciting new and innovative ideas revolving around this center of gravity.
  20. Sum Of Parts
    by Dean Watson
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    Capture 1A Capture 1A
    Dean Watson seems to have an endless stream of terrific music in his head, from which he can draw a new great track anytime he likes. This would explain how come that his fourth album is just as excellent as the former ones, strictly continuing the path initiated seven years before with "Unsettled".
  21. Imposing Elements
    by Dean Watson
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    Pendulum Pendulum
    The follow-up to "Unsettled" basically continues the musical solo journey of Dean Watson in prog land with new exciting themes, complex arrangements, and an ever-fresh fusion sound. While the individual tracks are quite diverse, they present themselves as coherent whole in the course of the album.
  22. Unsettled
    by Dean Watson
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    Out Of The Mist Out Of The Mist
    Just when I think that everything is played and sung in the prog business, there comes along another artist or band, totally unknown to me yet, showing me that the terrain still isn't fully explored. On his debut album, the versatile Canadian composer and multi-instrumentalist Dean Watson starts to develop his own vision of prog, drawing heavily from fusion elements, and including a couple of Emersonian influences.
  23. Varra (compilation)
    by Varra
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    Q wen meme Q wen meme
    Awesome demo! Awesome composer! Awesome musician! If Varra really plays all instruments himself (except where noted otherwise), he's a real wizard. I especially like the slap bass and the groovy drums. This is fusion concentrate with 100% natural music content, without preservative substances and synthetic coloring.
  24. Cosmic Diaspora
    by Shnabubula
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    II Gliese Prime: Homecoming II Gliese Prime: Homecoming
    When Samuel Ascher-Weiss aka Shnabubula buys an album, I can usually buy it blindly, too. This is even more true for albums he releases himself. On this one, he delights us with a weird kind of fusion, flavored with a distinct chiptune sound. And once again we experience Shnabubula's own special version of counterpoint, basically in baroque fashion, but vastly expanding beyond that. His arrangements spin off on and on into higher musical spheres, leaving the listener to wonder if they will ever stop.
  25. Planet Geisha
    by Cartoon Theory
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    Planet Geisha I Sacred Geometry (feat. Plini & David Maxim Micic) Planet Geisha I Sacred Geometry (feat. Plini & David Maxim Micic)
    Almost four years have passed since the release of the extraordinary demo album... but the waiting was worth it, since the resulting debut album fully keeps the promises made by its predecessor. Once again, mastermind and multi-instrumentalist Maxime Lathière and his fellows transcend the confines of the fusion genre, traveling deep into post-metal and synth-pop territorry, even including some Japanese influences. This outstanding blend - breathtaking and entertaining at the same time - is performed by several exceptional musicians standing by Maxime Lathière's side, like Plini, David Maxim Micić, Luke Martin, and one of the best drummers I've heard so far - Travis Orbin.
  26. Rhayader The Traveler
    by Ferdinand Bach
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    Let Me Dream Let Me Dream
    Ferdinand Bach aka Fernando Marín Vega is the mastermind behind GreyField. This album predates his prog masterpieces "GreyField" and "Caedes Ex Minion", exposing a somewhat different sound. It's rooted basically in the synth wave genre, but with a nice chiptune flavor, and it gets quite experimental on the final track.
  27. Eyes on the Edge
    by FreddeGredde
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    How It Was How It Was
    Well, I think Fredrik Larsson is more progessive when he doesn't attempt to write prog... Hence, in my opinion, this album - which he calls "a much more pop-y attempt than ever" - is his most progressive one so far, and his masterpiece at the time of this writing. All songs clock in around four minutes, just enough to unfold a rich set of ideas, but without those unnecessary bells and whistles that are stuffed into so many prog epics. The deft and versatile songwriting with its catchy - yet unobtrusive - melody lines and lush - yet not overblown - arrangements is of a kind that I've met only once before - in the music of Sean Scanlon with his legendary band "Making April". Even the vocals sound quite similar. This might become my "album of the year 2017"!
  28. Thirteen Eight
    by FreddeGredde
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    Beside Me Beside Me
    This excellent debut album shows Fredrik Larsson in search of his own individual style, so it exposes traits of both follow-up albums. Most of the shorter songs like "Solace Distant", "Stardust", and my favorite "Beside Me", which are of the "more pop-y" kind, as the composer himself would put it, are just perfect and would fit well on "Eyes on the Edge". Others suffer from the inclusion of too many well-known prog stereotypes borrowed from "Dream Theater" & Co., which interfere unfavorably with the - basically outstanding - songwriting. This is especially true of the 15-minute epic... stripped down to around 10 minutes, it would be a great one.
  29. Brighter Skies
    by FreddeGredde
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    The Tower The Tower
    On "Eyes on the Edge", Fredrik Larsson delivered solid proof of his advanced songwriting skills. On the predecessor "Brighter Skies", his ability to create a thematically rich and consummate opus within a couple of minutes is already obvious in the shorter songs, but gets somewhat blurred in th epics, which tend to sound like a sequence of unrelated song ideas, glued together with distracting prog gimmicks. Actually, the album is at its best as soon as it doesn't sound like "Dream Theater". That said, I want to state clearly that this is one of the best prog albums I'm aware of - a magnum opus without doubt, while not being a milestone, however. A bit less of the typical prog ingredients would have been more.
  30. Magyarország vagy halál
    by Hungría
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    Gökotta Gökotta
    Despite the Hungarian album title, this splendid math-rock band is actually from Argentina. Frankly, I don't like the term "math-rock", because, in my opinion, this is not really a genre, but just one trait of the rhytmical properties of the songs. However, in this case, I really have no idea how to tag this band otherwise. One remarkable thing about this music is that it's basically just guitar and drums (with a couple of overdubs, obviously), nothing else - yet the sound doesn't leave anything to be desired.
  31. Kjjjjjjjjj
    by Kjjjjjjjjj
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    Grrrrrrrrr Grrrrrrrrr
    Admittedly, I was quite reluctant to even open the player page of this album - let alone to click the play button - because of the somewhat... er... goofy album title (and band name as well). It looks more like someone was testing the file upload function using bogus names, but actually, "Kjjjjjjjjj" is what this Argentinian post-metal band chose as its name, and I'm glad I eventually overcame my resistance - mainly because of the nice cover picture. Those three guys blend wonderful chorus guitar textures and creaking distorted metal riffs with exemplary ease and playful elegance, reminding me somewhat of the early "Tiles" works. Haunting guitars here, there, and everywhere... The ideal remedy after an overdose of keyboards.
  32. WOW! Produk Hijau
    by WOW!
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    Armagedon Armagedon
    So this is what Indonesian prog rock sounds like... and I really like it! Well, the recording sound quality is rather poor - it seems the files were ripped from an old audio cassette tape. Besides that, however, it's real fun to listen to this rare gem. The songs are heavily keyboard-driven, exhibiting distinct AOR traits throughout the album, sometimes even drifting into synth-pop fields. I guess some prog purists might not admit this band to the sacred prog community, but who cares... to me, it's definitely more interesting than most of the flagship proggers. And it made me happy.
  33. Змей / Zmey
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    Sutvorenie / Сътворение Sutvorenie / Сътворение
    Superb folk-metal with Bulgarian flavor, heavily based on nice djenty guitars and keyboards, but occasionally joined by traditional Bulgarian folk instruments.
  34. Full discography digital bundle
    by AISLES
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    The Scarce Light Birth The Scarce Light Birth
    $25 for a full four hours of excellent music - instead of $42 for the individual items - surely is a nice deal! And this prog band from Chile is not one of those who think they are extraordinarily progressive, because they can create a track in 7/8 time signature. In Aisles' music, polyrhythm is such a natural thing that you hardly notice it. Moreover, epics result dynamically by the evolution of a couple of well thought out ideas, eventually growing beyond 9 minutes - not by deciding to create an epic and stuffing riffs until they fit the desired length. And finally, commercial success and critical acclaim doesn't seem to have turned the band's spontaneous inspiration into hollow ambition yet. May it remain this way for a long time!
  35. Songs Of The Melancholic Princess
    by Anna Bo
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    IF2 (String Version) IF2 (String Version)
    Educated composer and pianist Anna Bo from Sofia, Bulgaria, is usually assigned to the Gothic genre. However, her debut album sounds pretty much like 80's wave in a most pleasant way, reminding me somewhat of "XTC" and "Pauline Murray & The Invisible Girls". All of the six songs are crafted exceptionally well, based on delightfully interesting musical ideas, and its possible to play the album in a loop all day long without getting boring.
  36. Poisoned Waters (Re-issue) EP 2009
    by Hiata
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    Poisoned Waters Poisoned Waters
    This Portuguese band tags itself "Symphonic Landscape Rock", but heaven knows what this is supposed to mean... ;-) Basically, the music sounds quite like US American post-hardcore, but with some symphonic arrangements that become even more prominent on "Vessel Reactor", taking the band on more "proggy" fields. On this EP, the vocals and guitars still rule clearly.
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  37. Mañana capás no estoy
    by El Portón
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    Vampiro de la vida Vampiro de la vida
    On this album, "El Portón" applies the same recipe as on "Conurbano" - once again with success. The result is a firework of splendid Latin American rhythms, melodies, and chords, which probably will keep on revolving in the listener's head all day long.
  38. Conurbano
    by El Portón
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    Niñez Niñez
    Salsa from Argentina?! Yes, it's possible! Actually, this small orquesta evidently get's it quite right (e.g. "Fuegos de hoy" and "Sudamericana"). However, Salsa is just one of many musical facets it has to offer. The highly talented composers and musicians cover a wide range of latin (and, of course, typical Argentinian) folk styles, featuring playful brass and woodwind arrangements - with the great singer-songwriter Nicolás Lapine on trumpet.
  39. Insekt
    by Carptree
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    Slow Corrosion Of Character Slow Corrosion Of Character
    This Swedish duo is usually put into the "neo-prog" drawer, but actually, it doesn't fit in there quite. While the composers do make some use of typical neo-prog ingredients, they employ them to a tolerable degree, leaving enough room for the evolution of their own individual style. Musical themes are developed slowly and carefully, demanding much concentration and patience from the listener - who is rewarded in the end with an overwhelming listening experience.
  40. Book In Hand
    by Kurt Rongey
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    Lines Lines
    Kurt Rongey's debut album is much more song-oriented and less experimental than the subsequent ones. However, it already exposes those typical avantgardistic traits that become predominant in his later works. My favorite one out of the three issued so far - so wonderfully melancholic within its strange harmony, so full of haunting beauty and delicious brain food.
  41. Lover's End
    by Moon Safari
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    The World's Best Dreamers The World's Best Dreamers
    Frankly, I don't know why I've been waiting so long to purchase this album, completing my "Moon Safari" studio works collection. Actually, it's one of the band's best, full of enchanting melodies and stunning lush harmony vocals. If I had to define the term "Symphonic Rock", this would be one of my first examples.
  42. With Form It Threatens Silence
    by Kurt Rongey
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    Eroica Eroica
    Kurt Rongey - one creative half of the fantastic "Underground Railroad" - is one of the most skilled and innovative avantgarde artists I'm currently aware of, and frankly I don't understand at all why he doesn't sell much more copies of this terrific album here. Kurt Rongey is a true master of contemporary counterpoint and polyphony, and casts a huge shadow on all those wannabe-proggers who think they can keep up with him, but just keep on rehashing the same old dull musical phrases.
  43. Sweet Nothings
    by Plini
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    Tarred & Feathered Tarred & Feathered
    This is Part 2 of the "Things" trilogy. Once again melodic fusion featuring various diverse sounds, including some nicely grunting djent.
  44. The Iridium Controversy
    by Birdsongs of the Mesozoic
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    Make the Camera Dance Make the Camera Dance
    To me, this is clearly the best band of its kind - whatever its kind is supposed to be... ;) Well, I think it's characterized best by chamber avantgarde with a pinch of zeuhl. Unfortunately, this is (probably) the band's last album. Fortunately, it's also their best, in my opinion.
  45. Después de caer
    by La Fábrica de Sombreros (Ensenada, Buenos Aires, Argentina) 2016
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    Desconocida Desconocida
    Argentinian folk rock (and some reggae) at its best, showing once again that a great melody rules.