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  1. We didn't fix everything but thats okay/Success
    by Watching Stars
    appears in 1 other collection
  2. feliz EP
    by junkie
    night drives night drives
  3. vowel
    by coolyeah
    caramel colored caramel colored
    ily boi
  4. A Date with Bombón
    by Bombón
    Dance Just Like Annette Dance Just Like Annette
  5. Teenage Crazy / Pale
    by Braves
    Teenage Crazy Teenage Crazy
  6. happy people ii
    by loners
    honey honey
    i honestly wish this album was made into a cassette. omg. the songs are so beautiful and each and every one has a meaning behind it and it just makes me so happy
  7. u stole my heart
    by High Sunn
    smol doggo smol doggo
  8. Let You Go
    by Tape Waves
    Slow Days Slow Days
  9. split
    by pet cemtery & henoheno & brittle brian & francie cool
    wussy wussy
  10. Waiting For U
    by Candy
    Today Today
    honestly, this album is one of my all time favorites. i have so many good and bad memories with these songs but everyone of them has some sort of memory to it and i can listen to this album and feel so many different emotions at once and it's honestly such a weird feeling. but good. ~♡
  11. u stole my heart
    by High Sunn
    smol doggo smol doggo
    i have been having tons of personal problems lately but let me tell youuuu,, this high sunn album has helped me through so much. my favorite song on this album is "smol doggo: because it makes me super hecking happy because it's just about being a doggo, you can't get better than that ;) so in conclusion, this album is super great and deserves much love.
  12. luv songs for whiners
    by High Sunn
    care for her care for her