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  1. Songs of Supergiant Games
    by Darren Korb & Ashley Barrett
    Remember the Bastion Remember the Bastion
    Could've had a bit more Bastion, but damn if the whole album isn't a work of beauty and art. You don't expect a lot of good things coming around from this year but then suddenly something like this happens. Thanks Darren Korb, Ashley Barrett, the orchestra and Supergiant Games.
  2. Protect The Land & Genocidal Humanoidz
    by System Of A Down
  3. Chaos Theory
    by Meteor
  4. Last Call For All Passengers
  5. The Disk Hunter
    by Waveshaper
  6. Glassy Box
    by Andy Fox
  7. Forgotten Gems Vol. I
    by Quixotic
  8. Pursuer
    by NightStop
  9. Dopamine (EP)
    by Samo & Co
  10. PornCoreSynthRock 2
    by Peter Zimmermann's World of Music
  11. Hyperwarfare
    by Megahit & Terminal Danger
  12. Turrican II - The Final Fight
    by Volkor X
  13. Imperium
    by Zombie Hyperdrive
  14. System Failure
    by Meteor
  15. Megawave
    by Dana Jean Phoenix & Powernerd
    by Carpenter Brut
  17. FiXT Neon: Altered
    by FiXT Neon
  18. Thank You, Mr. President Soundtrack - Based on a Darren Detoni Story
    by Darren Detoni
  19. This is our Planet now
    by Volkor X
    by ALEX