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  1. Mono Planet EP
    by Breakmaster Cylinder
  2. * The BMC Fine Ringtones Collection: 2nd Issue
    by Breakmaster Cylinder
  3. * The BMC Fine Ringtones Collection
    by Breakmaster Cylinder
  4. Sgian Dubh
    by Supersonic Tartan Death Machine
    by Whitey
    by Whitey
  7. GREAT SHAKES Volume 2
    by Whitey
  8. GREAT SHAKES Volume 1
    by Whitey
    by Ross Ainslie
  10. Minimality
    by Au5
  11. So Far, So Good EP
    by Jeremy Blake
  12. Embraced by Dusk
    by Martin Neuhold
  13. The American Highway Suite - Darklands and Strange Days
    by Doug Woods and Colin Powell
  14. The Road
    by Martin Neuhold
  15. Mash
    by The Pretty Littles
    Dingo The Ladies Man Dingo The Ladies Man
    Great loud guitar/garage rock/grunge rock sound. Reminds me of Jet but they are not as blatantly pulling on riffs from stuff that's come before. First heard "Dingo" on the Kingdom TV series, and then ran to BC to check out this band. I'm glad I did. If your head doesn't nod rhythmically to this, YOU have a major problem.
  16. Geometry
    by Selena & Gordon's Factory
  17. Gravity Wing - Soundtrack
    by Clio Em
  18. Out Of The Blue
    by Evangelos Koudonas
  19. The Darkness of Error
    by Gordon Midgley
  20. Last Show Set List
    by Trigger Effect
    Party 'Til You Die Everyday Until You're Dead Party 'Til You Die Everyday Until You're Dead
    "Party" and "Sect" are like the ultimate guitar noise power combo tracks... they are like Steak and Eggs... Ham and Cheese... etc. Can't have one without the other. Of course the video is awesome too. This is ballsy, kick ass Montreal metal/punk/rock at it's finest. MUST CRANK TO ELEVEN. Trigger Effect, as they were, will be missed...
  21. Songs From The Misty Isles
    by A Multitude of ONE
  22. #AntiNeoLibFunk
    by Jesper Jones
    PrivatizeThis! (Extended, even more disco version) PrivatizeThis! (Extended, even more disco version)
    Jesper brings the funk. Every time. EVERY TIME!! YEAHH!
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  23. Joyful Noise
    by Apptronica
    'Twas 2016 (But At Least We Still Have Christmas) 'Twas 2016 (But At Least We Still Have Christmas)
    I am biased...
  24. Our Dreams are made of Dragons
    by Erang
  25. Hell and High Water
    by Napier's Bones
  26. The Wistman Tales
    by Napier's Bones
  27. Tregeagle's Choice
    by Napier's Bones
  28. Who said it's gone and can't be like it used to be? (Deluxe)
    by Neuhold Mauseth Powell
  29. And the Sheep Shall Inherit the Earth…By Force
    by Supersonic Tartan Death Machine
    The Battle For The Planet of The Sheep The Battle For The Planet of The Sheep
  30. Fuck This Manifesto
    by Dark Works
    The 20th Century Tiny Fingered, Cheeto-Faced, Ferret Wearing Man The 20th Century Tiny Fingered, Cheeto-Faced, Ferret Wearing Man
    Finally an album dedicated to a meandering, geriatric, egomaniac zillionaire and hapless fuckwit who has bought his way to the Oval Office.
  31. Vita, Disc 3
    by Mood481
  32. Champion Sound EP
    by Jesper Jones
    Booty Booty
    it funky
  33. RETRO
    by Evangelos Koudonas
  34. Groovezilla
    by Quincas X
    Groovezilla Groovezilla
    Bleep Bloop Wubba Wubba!
  35. Outdoors
    by Martin Neuhold
    Fog Fog
  36. First Frost
    by Kehler-Williams
  37. Fred Morrison Trio : Live at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
    by Fred Morrison Trio
    Train Journey Train Journey
    Fred Morrison is a piper's piper. Amongst the legends such as the late Gordon Duncan, the late Martyn Bennett, Mark Saul and Michael Grey, Fred combines great musical acumen with a flair for composing some very fine and original tunes with possibly the craziest and fastest fingers in the piping business to create great and unforgettable music. You HAVE to see him play live, one way or another, and if you can't well I would strongly suggest this album.
  38. ReFAWMed Character
    by PantsofDeath
    7. Zippy 7. Zippy
    I don't know about track 10 there, but yeah I like Zippy.
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  39. Glimmering Messengers
    by Atoms for Infants

    And that is all
  40. Alternating Routes
    by Duke21
  41. InFawmation
    by pantsofdeath
    44 White 44 White
    For me it is actually a tie between "44 White" and "Baby Jesus Butt Plug". In "44" the 70s style fuzz guitar garage rock riff is just too tasty to ignore. Accompanied by pounding drums and a real groovy organ sound, to me it seems like a slight departure from Jon's regular fare. I'd personally love to hear more like this.

    As for "Baby Jesus Butt Plug" it definitely reminds me of some of Prodigy's stuff... a certain "Smack My Bitch Up" vibe throughout.
    Jon always manages to keep it interesting…
  42. An Scéalaí The Storyteller
    by Dun Aenghus
    Mountain Fairy Mountain Fairy
  43. Dreaming Together (For the People of Nepal)
    by Martin Neuhold & Friends
    Dream With You Dream With You
    I wanna dream
    I wanna dream
    I wanna dream
    I wanna dream
    I wanna dream
    I wanna dream
    I wanna dream
    Uli S's version is simply the best.
  44. The Fool's Tale
    by Martin Neuhold feat. Guy Beeri Mauseth & Colin Powell
  45. The Path - Soundtracks for Inner Journeys
    by Martin Neuhold
    The Infinite Spiral The Infinite Spiral
    Martin is a rare talent, and a gentle person, and I enjoy making music with him. His works deserve much notice...