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  1. Kıran (Remixes)
    by Konduku
  2. Welcome To The Pleasure Dome
    by Schacke
  3. Шакке (Schacke) – Клуб Навсегда EP
    by Шакке (Schacke)
  4. Dalfie - Can't Think Right Now [PETS103]
    by Dalfie
  5. Cymatics: Inspired by Hans Jenny
    by Michelle Cade
  6. Reward System .1
    by Future Beat Alliance
  7. Chemical Flowers
    by Helm
  8. Twenty Five
    by Dole & Kom
  9. Grace
    by dj haram
  10. Roll With The Punches
    by Yu Su
  11. IT041 Stenny - Stress Test
    by Stenny
  12. Mirror River
    by Amazondotcom
  13. Once
    by Peggy Gou
  14. Eris Drew & Octo Octa - Devotion EP
    by naive
  15. NRNG008 Low Tape - Reality Zone
    by Low Tape
  16. DJ-Kicks: Peggy Gou
    by Peggy Gou
  17. tomrum
    by mattimatti
  18. Brutal
    by Camilla Sparksss
  19. New Physics EP
    by Norwell
  20. Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
    by Zeta Reticula
  21. White Swan
    by Sansibar
  22. [RPTCH10] Identity Process
    by VTSS
  23. Eamonn Doyle - The Long Game
    by Lunar Disko Records
  24. Very Nearly Almost
    by Das SPEZIAL
  25. BM004 - Drinking With My Eyes
    by Pegasvs Feat. Xuli
  26. Index Hole
    by SDEM
  27. Vortex
    by Rex The Dog
  28. Mile Ender EP
    by Fumoir
  29. MVX / U41A
    by Minimal Violence
  30. La Via Della Seta
    by Primal Code
  31. Dalfie - The Outlaw [PETS092]
    by Dalfie
  32. Sky City: Even in the Heart of Heaven, Angels Can Still Feel Fear
    by Varg
  33. Nordic Flora Series Pt. 3: Gore-Tex City
    by Varg
  34. Nene H - Feast
    by Nene H
  35. Nadivi
    by ricardo tobar
  36. Devil’s Dance
    by OSSIA
  37. Microdosing Vol.1
    by Various Artists
  38. Iterations EP
    by Lo Shea
  39. Ēteru
    by Primal Code
  40. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
    by Antony and the Johnsons
  41. New Lore
    by Sean Rowe
  42. Flying Lizard
    by Acid Pauli & Nico Stojan
  43. Leather & Lace
    by Perc & Truss
  44. The Effective Disconnect
    by Brian McBride
  45. V/A Horns & Hoofs Entertainment: PostHumanist Rebel Tools: Superior Hacking Protocols compiled by Anyer Quantum
    by Boshke Beats Records