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  1. altar boy
    by weather balloons
  2. The Smynths
    by The Smynths
  3. Scrundle
    by Parker Lee
  4. Triceratops
    by ME REX
    Tannika Pacts Tannika Pacts
    "we want to thank you for the bleeding; we don't want to see the blood"

    as someone who has had an entire body worth of blood removed across the past year this is truly the mood
  5. mydata
    by katie dey
  6. no hot ashes 2005
    by weather balloons
    appears in 1 other collection
  7. Blue Skies
    by Devi McCallion
  8. Starbaby
    by Dead Man's Tetris
    Starbaby Redemption Starbaby Redemption
    I've found myself saying "starbaby redemption yeah?" for the past several years so I thought I owed it to you to actually by the album
  9. Crap shit
    by Girls Rituals
    Curse Curse
    hard to choose a fave track considering this is a perfect 10
  10. God Has Nothing To Do With This Leave Him Out Of It
    by Backxwash
  11. Peaceful as Hell
    by Black Dresses
    by ASH NERVE
    A better exploration of parasocial relationships than any youtube video essay
  13. 2,020 Knives
    by Ada Rook
    An Ocean An Ocean
  14. Vs. Children (2020 Reissue)
    by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone
    White Jetta White Jetta
    if friend you leave
    then friend you're dead to me

  15. Komm, Süsser Tod (synthwave 80s remixes)
    by Astrophysics
  16. In Sydney
    by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone
  17. Hyperlust
    by Bells Atlas
  18. Deviancy
    by Backxwash (past collective member)
  19. Crush on Me: BICONIC Edition
    by Sir Babygirl
  20. The Smynths Return
    by The Smynths
    At my old workplace there was one smiths song in regular rotation but I could never figure out what it was because I was in the kitchen and none of the other staff members knew what it was called or could make out any of the lyrics. But listening to this I've now discovered it's William, It Was Really Nothing. The version here is better, and I'm not just saying that because I've only listened to the original while washing pots surrounded by self aggrandising racist chefs.