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  1. Come Visit The Big Bigot Deluxe
    by Severed Heads
    Nature 10 Nature 10
    (Cum Visit) the Limp Bizkit
  2. Utility End
    by How Scandinavian
  3. The Educator
    by How Scandinavian
    The Moment Ends (Live from Rehearsal) The Moment Ends (Live from Rehearsal)
    Dudes singing about the educator or whatever, they need an educator on how to get some bitches lol
    appears in 1 other collection
  4. 13
    by Denzel Curry
    Zeltron 6 Billion Zeltron 6 Billion
    To think this was just supposed to be a teaser for taboo, damn
  5. To the Depths, in Degradation + Darkness Unveiled
    Chamber of Reunion Chamber of Reunion
    the cover art probably is what hell looks like. just depraved and demented looking. big respect for removing the swastikas from the original art and pissing off all the pussy nazi fans too.
  6. Stop At Nothing
    by Dying Fetus
    Schematics Schematics
    some people say this album is when DF got too "polished" but man it still goes fucking HAM. you think these guys work at a sandwich shop or somethin damn
  7. Onset Of Putrefaction
    by Necrophagist
    Extreme Unction Extreme Unction
    a lot of nerds say this band is responisble for all the half assed tech stuff we have but i totally disagree Muhommad was a bad ass song writer, shit is so groovy yet mind bending and catchy. awesome album.
  8. Vain, Erudite And Stupid: Selected Works 1987-2005
    by The Dead C
    3 Years 3 Years
    real talk what is there in New Zealand? There’s Dead C and the guy that did the lord of the rings movies, one of those things are for dorks and the other is for cool dorks. Other than that I can’t think of anything.
  9. Peel Sessions
    by Unwound
    Kantina / Were, Are and Was Or Is Kantina / Were, Are and Was Or Is
    Better than the original. Destroys.
  10. Fallen Angel of Doom
    by Blasphemy
    Fallen Angel of Doom Fallen Angel of Doom
    these guys are cool because theyre a bunch of meat head chads from canada that sing about kicking peoples asses or something. i like the guy that plays guitar who just wears a gas mask.
  11. Echoes of Decimation
    by Origin
    Cloning the Stillborn Cloning the Stillborn
    the drum triggering is real with this album. origin is cool because they know when theyre overstaying their welcome or not
  12. Contagion of Despair
    by Self Hypnosis
  13. Tears From a Grieving Heart
    by Mournful Congregation
    Re-memberance of the Transcending Moon Re-memberance of the Transcending Moon
    One time I was eating an omelette with this playing. It was the saddest omelette I’ve ever ate.
  14. Samurai Math Beats
    by Bogdan Raczynski
    Miso Shiru Miso Shiru
    I heard about this guy through the “similar artist” section on the christoph de Babalon page and just imagine my shock when I heard this for the first time lol
  15. Kill The Lights
    by lowercase
    Severance Denied Severance Denied
    For the longest time I thought those were trees or like people with spears and I only just found out the other day it’s supposed to be a bunch of impaled bodies
  16. Very Early Recordings
    by lowercase
  17. All Destructive Urges...Seem So Perfect
    by lowercase
    As Your Mouth As Your Mouth
    For a band constantly compared to Unwound, even their debut which most resembles the legends is more unique than some may lead u to believe. Dont get me wrong, the 2 are similar, it's just that lowercase is way more ominous. "As Your Mouth" is the closest to alt-rock this album gets, "Earth Minus One" and the untitled track is bleak and starved, "Ringbleeder" and "Sometimes..." remind you that AmRep put this shit out, and "Because I Can" is crazy. supposedly u can hear a girl piss in a song too.
  18. The Going Away Present
    by lowercase
    Thistrainwillnotstop Thistrainwillnotstop
    any time i hear floodlit i imagine its the soundtrack to a movie about a guy who kills another dude in the back of an alley for some reason. also i like the cover art, its just some bald white guy with a hank hill ass standing around looking confused.
  19. Aside and Besides: A Singles Compilation
    by lowercase
    Don't Cry No Tears Don't Cry No Tears
    lowercase puts out a rarity comp called "aside and BESIDES". taproot put out a rarity comp called "BESIDES" a few years back. somethings going on here...
  20. Sleeper Vessels
    by Fawn Limbs
    Metrae Metrae
    Instead of going for “nuts crushed by a rock” this time these guys made an album that’s like popping brain vessels in the middle of your sleep. Idk I’m just reaching at this point tbh but it’s a good album and a good follow up