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  1. Rebirth of the Machine
    by Droid Bishop
  2. With U
    by Holy Other
  3. Neysluvara EP
    by Hatari
  4. Spillingardans
    by Hatari
  5. Smoke Filled the Room, We Slept
  6. Re\Versed
    by Mrs.Peach
  7. Days of Thunder
    by The Midnight
  8. Outer Space
    by Freya Campbell
  9. Bellemaison EP
    by Bellemaison
    by WIMP
  11. Canon
    by bow church
  12. Magnatron 2.0
    by NewRetroWave
  13. Cosmopolitan Dreams
    by 猫 シ Corp.
  14. Wesley Dreamers
    by ODDEEO + Karma Wears White Ties
  15. Decryption EP
    by Vaccine
  16. Mitch Murder feat. Emi (Satellite Young) - Sniper Rouge
    by Mitch Murder
  17. City Hunter
    by Sebastian Gampl
  18. Backyard Junk
    by Sebastian Gampl
  19. Cosy Inside
    by Sebastian Gampl
  20. Abyss
    by she
  21. Lost In Symmetry
    by Droid Bishop
    Ready Player One Ready Player One
  22. Cometa
    by ORAX
  23. Crystal City
    by Robert Parker
  24. Chiptune Memories
    by she
  25. Volume One
    by TEK
  26. Disco Machine
    by TOMMY '86
  27. Token
    by bow church
  28. Bae
    by YUNG BAE
  29. Modern Century 現代センチュリー
    by CVLTVRΣ
  30. Vocallective Sampler #1
    by Vocallective Records
  31. "Condos" - Live at The Bell House
    by Welcome to Night Vale
  32. Upscale Loft 高級ロフト
    by CVLTVRΣ
    Business Resort Business Resort
  33. VA-11 HALL-A Prologue OST - Sounds From The Future
    by Garoad
    Base Of The Titans Base Of The Titans
  34. Redline
    by Lazerhawk
    So Close So Close
  35. Summer Love EP
    by Vincenzo Salvia
  36. Electric Love (ep)
    by Droid Bishop
    Color & Data Color & Data
  37. the flesh is weak
    by bow church
  38. bow church
    by bow church
    Confession Confession
  39. Walkin' Beat
    by PeachyP
    L13 2 URS3LF L13 2 URS3LF
  40. Nadir
    by 4mat
    Waves rush to shore Waves rush to shore
  41. Numbers
    by KOR_dATA
    appears in 1 other collection
  42. Sans Titre
    by 4mat
    You're all I have You're all I have
  43. Guru
    by 4mat
    Sable Sable
  44. Origins
    by 4mat
    Endless Endless
  45. Rips
    by 4mat
    Atomic Sons Atomic Sons