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  1. Sleep All Day
    by 97SPECIAL
  2. s e a (beattape)
    by fvo rta
    cliff cliff
  3. MEGA
    by Blank Banshee
  4. Dawning
    by Mouth of the Architect
    It Swarms It Swarms
  5. Harvest Of Darkness
    by Wild Throne
    Harvest Of Darkness Harvest Of Darkness
  6. Be On My Side
    by Teenage Kicks
    Setting Son Setting Son
  7. SMITE
    by The Dirty Nil
    Nicotine Nicotine
    A real tough cookie to crack between this and Beat. They're both great tracks, and the overall release is just one big teddy bear full of fun, and simplicity. Maybe not terms of structure, musically, but the way the band evokes their drive onto the recordings that you hear now. A very, very simple fun release that urges you too enjoy what they have to offer. A little Nirvana I sometimes hear in their stuff, grunge fans maybe? This baby gets a 4.5/5 for me. Hope to see more soon enough!
  8. Impulse
    by Boyfrndz
    Ghosted Ghosted
  9. Natures
    by Boyfrndz
    All Get Out All Get Out
  10. Wilderness Heart
    by Black Mountain
    Old Fangs Old Fangs
  11. In The Future
    by Black Mountain
    Wucan Wucan
  12. IV
    by Black Mountain
    Florian Saucer Attack Florian Saucer Attack
  13. Revolutions
    by The Liquid Scene
    In My Water Room In My Water Room
  14. Wolf River EP
    by Denuo
    Wolf River Wolf River
  15. Swans Are Dead: Live '95-'97
    by SWANS
    I Crawled I Crawled
    The album marks the finale of what the first Swans had all achieved in what was it's ever-changing fifteen years. With exquisite experimental releases like White Light and Great Annihilator, to the sheer brutality of their early releases (My personal favorite era) that gracefully included Cop, Filth and Holy Money. This band know's how to change without really shedding all of their original components. I Crawled remains a perfect due to the emotional drive that Jarboe possessed in the song.
  16. Nothing
    by Self Loath
    Collapse Collapse
    Great record. Loved it wholeheartedly, I felt it was a jump from the first album in terms of maturity and quality in overall musical strengths. The album's extra featuring of vocals are good and the production's density gives you a vibe of what's happening inside the creators mind. A stark, but plentiful piece of music that gets nothing more than a 8/10. And that is coming from a guy who hardly delves into the bandcamp site.

    Recommended tracks; Collapse, It Was Not Enough, All Worth Nothing.