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  1. Demo
    by Weltesser
  2. Spells Of The Damned
    by Acid Cøma
    by SONANCE
    by SONANCE
    SONANCE do the tension/release thing with angular precision in the doom realm. Much like June '44 did in the in the indy realm of the 90's. Dueling desperation vocals. An excellent release.
  5. A Gaze Blank and Pitiless as The Sun
    by Whelm
    by DODECAD
    by FLOODS
  8. Nomadic Rituals / Tome (2015 Split Single)
    by Nomadic Rituals, Tome
  9. Marking the Day
    by Nomadic Rituals
    Bleak sonic brilliance! Stripped of gimmick and distraction a primal testament. Absolutely one of the best recordings sonically of extreme heavy music.
  10. Holy Giants
    by Nomadic Rituals
  11. Charismata
    by Luminous Vault
    Tower Tower
    If you miss Godflesh like i do then you need to hear this. What makes it truly great is that it has other strong black metal influences and doesnt end up sounding like GF2. Great release, looking forward to future output.
  12. NAGA
    by NAGA
  13. HĒN
    by NAGA
  14. Demo Tape
    by Fórn
    Dasein Dasein
    Massive, dark and suffocating. Fòrn lurch over you like a reoccuring nightmare of despair. What haunts the dark corners, the faceless terror laid naked and bare. Fòrn will get you.
  15. Tone of Things to Come
    This shapeless dark... spreads across the land. Its tendrils weaving there way through every space unguarded. Oh how can one protect against such subtle manifestations. In a world of blackness it becomes its collected consciousness. This is Chaos Echoes.
  16. The Death of Utopia
    by Space Bong
  17. In the Company of Serpents
    by In the Company of Serpents
  18. Black Prism
    by Black Prism
  19. Marijuanaut Vol.III
    by Doommabbestia Webzine
  20. Heavy Hand
    by No Trust
    Two bros making sick sludge metal
  21. Into the Acid Swamp
    by Weedruid
  22. Moon Coven
    by Moon Coven
  23. Marijuana
    by Dope Smoker
  24. Monoliths
    by Monoliths
  25. Demo 2016
    by Onoskelis
  26. GRIT
    by Cosm
  27. Inches From the Sun
    by Spelljammer
  28. Moon Mother Demo
    by Moon Mother
    Simply put....super good female fronted (with a super good voice) doom rock.
  29. Bowing Not Knowing To What
    by It's Not Night: It's Space
  30. Mythonaut EP
    by Domovoyd
  31. ZONG Live - First Ever Show
    by ZONG
  32. Galactic Cannibalism
    by Major Kong
  33. Brave New Kong
    by Major Kong
  34. Watcher
    by Watcher
  35. Surf The Supernova
    by I, Captain
  36. Bad Man 7"
    by Older Sun
  37. Behold a Pale Lincoln
    by MANTLE
  38. Lord Woland - La Beauté Du Diable (Demo)
    by Mother Fuzzer Records
  39. Lava Lamp
    by Heavy Relic
  40. Praise The Sun
    by Old Sun
    Fuzz. Fuzz. Heavy Fuzz. Fuzz. Some Fuzz. Organ. Heavy Fuzz. Slow Heavy Fuzz. Organ. Yep.
  41. TOKE
    by Toke
    Heavy stoner doom done right! Any questions? Didnt think so.
  42. Converse Rubber Tracks Sessions
  43. The Wizard (Demo)
    by The Wizard
  44. Middle Ghost (early version of Nachtels Ghost)
    by Heavy Relic
  45. Drag
    by CHILD