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  1. Maps
    by billy woods & Kenny Segal
  2. Scuru Cauru
    by Crimi
    Luci Darrè Luci Darrè
    Awesome follow up to the previous record!

    The breakdown in the middle of Luci Darrè is top tier (seriously, listen to it). Whole record is front to back dope.

    Thank you, Crimi!
  3. Voka Gentle EP [Red]
    by Voka Gentle
    by Voka Gentle
    music for the dawn. VG remains solid.
  5. Highway Maintenance
    by Ike Willis & ZAPPATiKA
  6. The Pony Suite
    by ZAPPATiKA
  7. Shelter (Building It, Still)
    by musclecars
  8. Street Dreams (Deluxe)
    by musclecars
  9. The Night They Came Home
    by Mr. Bungle
  10. Roped In
    by North Americans
  11. Reach For The Sky
    by BT-84
  12. 1984
    by BT-84
  13. Hylics 2 Original Soundtrack
    by Mason Lindroth & Chuck Salamone
  14. Falling Mothership
    by Black Sky Giant
  15. Running out of Love
    by The Radio Dept.
    This Thing Was Bound To Happen This Thing Was Bound To Happen
    one of the more poignant albums of its decade.
  16. Headroom
    by Men I Trust
  17. Untourable Album
    by Men I Trust
  18. Chameleon
    by Anthony Naples
    confident ambient. knows where it's going, is happy to take you, and doesn't leave you disappointed or wondering as it happens.

    bravo. :)
    by Sadam Seguya
    This album get a well deserved positive review and recommendation. Seguya is working with more than standards within specific but related genres local to Uganda. He works with and interprets several styles concurrently. Lots of really solid original compositions in here that deserve more attention. The tracks breathe well.
  20. L'Univers De La Mer
    by Dominique Guiot