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  1. Poradnik Uśmiechu OST
    by Wiktor Stribog
  2. Lost In Vivo (Original Soundtrack)
    by Various Artists
  3. 9
    by Andrew Applepie
  4. 's Guide to nice Dreams
    by Andrew Applepie
  5. 8
    by Andrew Applepie
  6. 11
    by Andrew Applepie
  7. Open End
    by Andrew Applepie
  8. 7
    by Andrew Applepie
  9. 2
    by Andrew Applepie
  10. 1
    by Andrew Applepie
  11. 5
    by Andrew Applepie
  12. 4
    by Andrew Applepie
  13. 3
    by Andrew Applepie
  14. Blindfold EP
    by Curve
    Blindfold Blindfold
    A humble beginning for what I feel is one of the most underrated alternative bands of all time. "Ten Little Girls" sure has the sound of the early 90s to it, what with its shoegaze-y guitar work and the funky rapping during the bridge. It's the title track and "No Escape from Heaven" though that might have been an early indicator of Curve's particular charm. Pretty rad.
  15. Frozen EP
    by Curve
    Coast Is Clear Coast Is Clear
    Compared with Blindfold, you can tell Curve were really starting to approach the sonic mastery of their first two albums here. It sounds like Toni Halliday and Dean Garcia got more interested creating the perfect blend of rock, electronics, and dream-like atmospheres as they got closer to dropping Doppelgänger.
  16. Cherry EP
    by Curve
    Cherry Cherry
    By far my favorite out of Curve's early EPs. Each song has its own charm, but the title track is just epic.
  17. Doppelganger
    by Curve
    Horror Head Horror Head
    Just like Garbage but with even more grit. This is my grunge, right here.
  18. Cuckoo
    by Curve
    Superblaster Superblaster
    More atmospheric than Doppelgänger, there are some really cool moments on here. Cuckoo makes for a good late night listen.