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  1. Welcome in our Living-Room
    by Couple-Positive
  2. ménage à trois
    by Acid Jazz Trio
    I first came across the TERM Acid Jazz back in '91; as Scotti Bros. records released 3 compilations using the term. A sort of proto hip-hop using jazz phrasings, it had more pop/rock/R&B to it than jazz. Here the trio goes at it coming from the Jazz side. They do a good job. It's a lot of fun
  3. Teardrop
    by Acid Jazz Trio
    Stoner jazzists doing hip-hop/pop tunes. I'm in. :-)
    Ah yes; found in Chromedigi's collection.
  4. Resolve
    by Poppy Ackroyd
    Mellow intensity at its finest,this is a lovely collection of neo-classic compositions.Vibrant and varied textures provide a delicate layering to the pieces. Thanks go to Roy for informing me of this superb young artist.
  5. Depart
    by AKKU Quintet
  6. laisse ça être
    by Aquaserge
    A strange but marvellous alt prog, of sorts; i think. Maybe. :-) It is vaguely akin to what one might get by crossing Mirriodor with Aksak Maboul. This is really very nice.
  7. Burnt Hibiscus
    by Jon Armstrong
    This is superb chamber jazz with a rather obvious Indian flavor, giving it a rather unique and exotic feel. I found this in Renek's eclectic collection, and so offer him my thanks.
  8. Blue Camel
    by Bandgladesh
    This is an interesting quartet with unusual instrumentation. This second release is not as ambient as their first. They also engage in vocals on some tracks, and some electronic touches are used as well.
  9. Variants.1
    by Richard Barbieri
    Variants (all of them) are best described as electronirock with occasional ambient styling (at least so I believe). Some tracks have trumpet and sax, some have manipulated pre-recorded vocals. All are interesting. This is applicable to all 3 Variant EP's released so far, and likely the upcoming 4th, as well.
  10. Variants.2
    by Richard Barbieri
  11. Variants.3
    by Richard Barbieri
  12. Variants.4
    by Richard Barbieri
    Oddly, you get the teaser as the final track when you buy this. A strange encore medley of sorts. :-)
  13. Variants.5
    by Richard Barbieri
  14. Painting By Numbers Live
    by Michael Bass and His Moderately Sized Orchestra
    I would call this a sort of art rock in large ensemble mode.The majority of this was a radio show broadcast a little before the 1979 release of "Painting By Numbers". Having that album I couldn't resist buying this. It also includes some early track sketches, and other oddities. There is supposed to be new music in the works.
  15. Bridges
    by Jamie Baum
  16. In This Life
    by Jamie Baum
  17. Hide And Seek
    by Adam Ben Ezra
    Another excellent release, possibly his best yet, from a talented multi-instrumentalist. Although he's best known for his upright bass work, he plays more instruments on this, as well as adds some vocal work, and is joined by other other musicians as well.
  18. BLAER
    by BLAER
    An excellent collection of minimalist jazz pieces, most of it is in a very ambient mode.
  19. Yellow
    by Blaer
    This is their latest release; and I think it their best. The sound hasn't so much changed, as it has matured. The more I listen, the more I like this.
  20. Weave
    by Rachael Boyd
    This is interesting. Her first full length release is mainly a set of classical pieces for piano and violin (guitar added on #3, and cello on 10). It takes a detour midway, however. Tracks 5 through 8 vary, with a genre blending mix of classical,rock,hip-hop and pop ballad feel. With track 9 we return to the purely classical, this track being a piano solo. All in all I enjoy what Ms. Boyd did here. I also own all her other releases, which are equally as pleasing.