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  1. Under Chandeliers
  2. Oscillation
    by CMD094
  3. Nothing New Under the Sun
    by Time Binding Ensemble
  4. Plage Arrière
    by Roméo Poirier
  5. Interreferences
    by Richard Chartier
  6. Unconditional Contours
    by Legowelt
  7. Dream Forest
    by Ali and the Clouds
    Ghost in the Tree Ghost in the Tree
    "Dream Forest" brings to mind Legowelt's more abstract ambient work mixed with Voight's GAS project. A dreamy journey indeed. headphone listening recommended.
  8. Between the Axiom and the Sigh
    by John Battema
  9. For...
    by Whettman Chelmets
  10. A Wind Blows from the Mountain of Death
    by Taurwen
  11. Be Still and Know
    by Time Binding Ensemble
  12. When the Time Comes
    by Ataşehir
  13. Desensualized
  14. A Taxonomy of Grief
    by Sumatran Black
  15. 眼泪含泪
    by 輕描淡寫 x Kuroi Ame
  16. Side A Feelings
  17. Naive winter melodies
    by Item Caligo
  18. Painful Sleep
    by Item Caligo
  19. Sacred
    by Kuroi Ame
  20. This Loving Presence
    by Black Box Memories