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  1. Me Oh My Mirror
    by Current Joys
    Here's to the Afterlife Here's to the Afterlife
    this is the album that made me fall in love with this band, nicks voice is truly Otherworldly
  2. Amy Locust Whatever
    by CBMC
    girl walk girl walk
  3. Muck
    by CBMC
    my time's comin'! my time's comin'!
  4. milo the dog sees color
    by CBMC
    (don't go) (don't go)
    this is a true work of Art
    by CBMC
    Anabelle / Love Soft Anabelle / Love Soft
    cbmc has been a really influential band for me and this album is so lovely and has Definitely Made Me Cry
  6. ÒOR 1.5
    by ÒOR
    1 (demo) 1 (demo)
    fkn Love shari
  7. Sad Boys EP
    by Surf Curse
    Beach Whatever Beach Whatever
    lov these sweet beautiful boys
  8. The Birds Outside Sang
    by Florist
    The Birds Outside Sang The Birds Outside Sang
    this album is so soft and lovely
  9. best buds
    by Mom Jeans.
    death cup death cup
    ok,, listen,, mom jeans is my pop punk guilty pleasure nd i really dig this album,,
  10. bliss 福
    by High Sunn
    swiss coffee 瑞士的咖啡 swiss coffee 瑞士的咖啡
    what a stellar album ::/
  11. Slop EP
    by Forth Wanderers
    Slop Slop
  12. Outdoor Activities
    by CBMC
    tough guy tough guy
    this was the first cbmc album i ever listened 2 and i remember i was doing an assortment of random things in my room and the minute i heard my sweet angel shari's voice i stopped everything i was doing, sat down, and listened 2 the entire album in a trance like state??