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  1. Smell Smoke
    by Vundabar
  2. A Distant Fist Unclenching
    by Krill
    Foot Foot
    A fantastic album with unexpected twists musically and lyrically, plus a healthy amount of madness swirling beneath the surface.
  3. Magic Isn't Real
    by Pile
    don't touch anything don't touch anything
    I pretty much listen to this album on repeat at least 2 days a week. An amazing album that continues to get better and better with repeated listens.
  4. Jerk Routine
    by Pile
    work work
    A great album all around. Can't recommend it highly enough.
  5. Island Intervals
    by Death Vessel
    Mercury Dime Mercury Dime
    One of a kind songwriter with a one of a kind voice. Tender and devastating at the same time with melodies floating effortlessly upon a stream that turns to waterfalls swimming in the calm of a pool. Cannot recommend this record enough.
  6. BFF EP
    by Froggy & The Friendship
    Alchemical Earth Alchemical Earth
    This EP should be playing on repeat anywhere a frown is threatening. Cause it will take that frown to a carnival filled with balloons and lift the edges into smile the size of a rollercoaster. So yeah, this EP rocks. Listen to it.
  7. Beautiful Seizure
    by volcano!
    Apple Or A Gun Apple Or A Gun
    Such an inspiring record that defies classification, but I'll try: chaotic beauty and stripped down madness meeting at an art house to burn it down... hmmm.... nope, couldn't describe it. Guess you'll just have to listen for yourself.
  8. Come Down Pilgrim
    by peachpit
    Daydream Disbeliever Daydream Disbeliever
    Love this album. One of my favorite artists out of Boston and this record does not disappoint. A mixture of beautiful compositions and white washes of noise crashing into each other to create a fantastically dynamic album. Not too mention, a great lyricist with strong harmonies to round out this album.
  9. Mosaic Mirrors
    by Andrew Scandal
    Rainy Room Rainy Room
    Wonderful record from a very talented and quirky songwriter. I can't get enough of his voice and have a different favorite song of this record depending on the day of the week.