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  1. The Christmas Tree Ship EP (remastered)
  2. Golevka
    by The Evpatoria Report
    Prognoz Prognoz
    This album takes me on a journey. From discovering alien life with the radio telescope in Yevpatoria (Prognoz), to blasting off into space to journey into their solar system (Dipole Experiment).
  3. Maar
    by The Evpatoria Report
    Eighteen Robins Road Eighteen Robins Road
    The second half of Eighteen Robins Road is a brilliant workshop on how to do a proper post-rock crescendo.
  4. Laideronnette
    by matryoshka
    Cut All Trees Cut All Trees
    Matryoshka's sophomore effort is a testament to the age old adage: "don't fix it if it ain't broke". The album continues the haunting whisper-meandering vocals of Calu against Sen's background of mellifluous strings and mild electronica, projecting a sense of sadness and hope at the same time.