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  1. TAROT part I
    by Magick Brother & Mystic Sister
    I loved their first album and they deliver again. This one might be more conceptual and psychedelic, very retro and lovely too! Give it a listen and find some interesting ideas in it. Already looking forward to part II!
  2. The Room
    by Fabiano do Nascimento & Sam Gendel
    Astral Flowers Astral Flowers
    A great jazz album with 7 string guitsr and saxophone! Sam gendel delivers catchy and clever melodies and Fabiano put up different moods and rhythmic structures - instant love! hopefully this is not their last attempt as a duo. Recommended for fans of smooth and colorful and aesthetic jazz!
  3. Bright Sparkling Light
    by Matthew Halsall
  4. blueblue
    by Sam Gendel
    Tate-jima (縦縞, vertical stripes) Tate-jima (縦縞, vertical stripes)
    This album is one weird masterpiece. Killed my turntable needle a while ago and looked for music to fill the spot - blueblue did. A unique, dreamy, foggy weird journey into contemporary jazz. Love it since the first time listening!
  5. Collision
    by Carpet
    Cosmic Shape Shifter Cosmic Shape Shifter
    If you're up to some interesting progressive rock music that ibhabits a lot lof other genres and ideas, you're in the right place here! Carpet always deliver. What do they deliver? Interesting song structures, psychedelic moods and their unique fingerprint. One of the best (german) bands out there! Thanks for another great album.
  6. Futuro (2023)
    by Emilio Teubal
    Tortuga Tortuga
    Oh wow! The album cover shows a glimpse of how colorful this music is! Playful, agile, masterful playing and arranging. A tasty bite for rhythm enthusiasts and entertaining and vivid until the last note. An interesting combination of modern jazz, latin and progressive structures. I wonder if both of Emilios hands are controlled by a separated brain, that stuff is tricky!
  7. Clap Your Hands
    by The Lewis Express
    Tico Tico Tico Tico
    Funky, groovy and irresistible! A must for piano and jazz fans (except you like it itchy and bulky), smooth and keepin' your hips movin'
  8. The Lewis Express
    by The Lewis Express
    Theme From "The Watcher" Theme From "The Watcher"
    Super cool music for cool cats! love how the piano makes the stage and the others support it all the way. Catchy, sometimes simple, most of the time playful and bold and so groovy!
  9. Therapy
    by Brendan Eder Ensemble
    Ending (feat. Ethan Haman) Ending (feat. Ethan Haman)
    Float away people! i'd say this is ambient/film score created with an classical approach, hard to believe that you can do this with mainly woodwinds and brass. It's peaceful and yet epic, somehow the soundtrack of existence, also sad but free and calming. The Apex Twin covers are amazing.
  10. River of Light
    by Ancient Infinity Orchestra
    Niyama Niyama
    This is definitely a release you would expect from Gondwana Records. As if some Alice Coltrane enthusiasts had also a faible for cinematic classical music and a choir to bring the music to life. Vibrant, playful and soothing!
  11. Cape Cod Cottage
    by Brendan Eder Ensemble
    Tuesday at the Pond Tuesday at the Pond
    This is a smooth one for all moments you need something calming and warm. Simple yet so effective jazz!
  12. MILS002: Emotions Run Dry
    by Jake Ferguson featuring Malcolm Catto
    M For Drums M For Drums
    I could go on and on about how these two fit together (heliocentrics) but I'd just recommend you to listen to this - funky, jazzy, entertaining, groovy and kind of the source of their other albums and song constructs. Catchy clever bass lines and can drumming 4 ever
  13. Seven Sisters, Seven Seas
    by Sand Snowman
    7th Sister 7th Sister
    Another great album by Sand Snowman! Dreamy, mysterious and perfect for the autumn. If you like experimental acoustic music and intelligent songwriting you should give this one a listen (and also to the album Sleepers Hide and Seek). Sweet one!
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  14. Universum Duo
    by Odd Couple
    Dübelmann Dübelmann
    One of the best german kraut bands you'll find - good ideas, good groove and very good humor! Awesome life band also - keep it going guys!!
  15. Out There
    by Heliocentrics
    A World Of Masks A World Of Masks
    Finally the Heliocentrics put their discography on Bandcamp! This one is made for your next journey to the stars for sure - love how they re-use their great riffs and themes - in this record you can hear how the album "a world of masks" develops out of lots of interesting ideas - if you're a fan of psychedelic jazz with lots of world influences and kraut-beats from hell (or can) you're in the right spot!
  16. 13 Degrees of Reality
    by Heliocentrics
    Eastern Begena Eastern Begena
    Another great album by the heliocentrics, very playful and not aiming for a typical songwriting but exploring the possibilities of sound and shapes. Trippy, certain and raw. Love it!!
  17. An Ever Changing View
    by Matthew Halsall
    Calder Shapes Calder Shapes
    As always it's quite hard to pick a favorite here - they're all beautiful and interesting. If you don't know Matthew Halsall yet you'd give his works a listen - drown in colorful musical landscapes and circling rhythms and let the catchy melodies run through your mind! Jazz at it's finest for sure.
  18. Love & Life
    by Chip Wickham
    Space Walk Space Walk
    I guess you only need 10 seconds of a Chip Wickham song to tell who's the musician behind the soundscapes that crawl into your ear. His playing is distinctive and virtuosic and the themes for dreaming away. Sweet EP for fans of dreamy jazz with harp and earworm melodies from flute and sax!
  19. Eli & Harry
    by The Breathing Effect
    Carbon Capture Carbon Capture
    So awesome to hear a new album by these amazing people! They kind of continue where the last album stops, lots of synth, cool hip hop drum n bass influcenced drums, creative harmonies and their unique fingerprint. If you don't know the breathing effect, you missed something so far. Thanks for this nice music dudes
  20. Afternoon X
    by Vanishing Twin
    Lazy Garden Lazy Garden
    Man i can't wait for the release - this band never disappoints! If you like Stereolab and Broadcast and the Heliocentrics, this should be interesting for you! Such a unique style and wonderful voice. Thank you for making music.