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  1. Sleeper's Hide & Seek
    by Sand Snowman
    All The Faces Of A Crowd All The Faces Of A Crowd
    Man this is a genius album, the moods are mysterious and the vocals go under the skin. A very unique psychedelic folk album with lots of experimental ideas. Instant musical love! friends of Nick Drake, Warpaint and Broadcast should give this a listen!
  2. Obsessive Creatures
    by Sand Snowman
  3. Eastern Flowers
    by Sven Wunder
  4. Neroli (Thinking Music Part IV) (Expanded Edition)
    by Brian Eno
    New Space Music (Bonus Track) New Space Music (Bonus Track)
    I hope other pieces of Brian Eno will follow on bandcamp, so we can all enjoy this beautiful stuff in HQ. Best ambient music, leaves space for the thoughts but sets the mood!
  5. Margerine Eclipse [Expanded Edition]
    by Stereolab
    Margerine Rock Margerine Rock
    Another great Stereolab album, glad they put their discography on bandcamp - enjoying every single bit of it!
  6. Broadcast And The Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults Of The Radio Age
    by Broadcast And The Focus Group
    the be colony the be colony
    And Broadcast is on bandcamp too, man that's awesome. Another gem in psychedelic music you definitely shouldn't miss. This album is - even for this band - experimental, but yet never fails to be catchy in the right moments. Very entertaining!
  7. L.W.
    by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
    Pleura Pleura
    Holy moly, the KG drop another sweet album with lots of microtonal stuff! Maybe one of my favorite KG albums so far (and that being said - they are all quite awesome). Hard to pick a favorite track either. Huh.
  8. Course In Fable
    by Ryley Walker
    Rang Dizzy Rang Dizzy
    Ryley's newest work combines some nice moments of the last albums (especially Deafman Glance) and new concepts. A pleasure to follow this dude's musical journeys.
  9. La Noche de los Dioses
    by Tino Contreras
    Al Amanecer Al Amanecer
    Cosmographer said it all. Hope I'll still beat the shit out of my drums when I'm 96. Really beautiful jazz with some strange "death is calling you" vibes in it. Really cool!
  10. Timeliness
    by The Mud Howlers
    Age Of Light Age Of Light
    A nice blend of genres with cool twists and catchy songs! Some remind me of Led Zeppelin, The Doors and The Black Keys and others are quite campfire-like cheesy (like the last one). Cool sound from Mexico!
  11. Mammatus Clouds
    by Kikagaku Moyo/幾何学模様
    Pond Pond
    Finally got this trippy drony gem by Kikagaku Moyo in HQ. Must listen for fans of psych/drone/spiritual stuff.
  12. Deep Fried Grandeur
    by Ryley Walker And Kikagaku Moyo
    Pour Dampness Down In The Stream Pour Dampness Down In The Stream
    Ryley and Kikagaku Moyo in one album? Oh yeah! It's like Mammatus Clouds crashed into Deafman Glance - awesome!
  13. 4
    by Dungen
    Fredag Fredag
    And another of Dungen's sweet musical journeys available as high quality download - Fredag may be one of my favorite instrumental songs ever. Friends of good music should give this a listen!
  14. Ta det lugnt
    by Dungen
    Panda Panda
    I'm glad these dudes finally put their albums on Bandcamp! Time to listen to their earworms in best quality. Superb pych prog jazz pop stuff.
  15. Double EP Tape
    by Ghost Funk Orchestra
    The Death Waltz The Death Waltz
    Man it just keeps getting better. Brain fog is also super nice, sounds like 60s version of stereolab!
  16. A Song For Paul
    by Ghost Funk Orchestra
    Skin I'm In Skin I'm In
    Why do I love this album? Many reasons, but I think the first that got me was that "tarantino" Vibe I got from "Walk like a Motherfucker". This band kicks your jazzy asses. Sometimes it reminds me of Stereolab (funky groovy stuff) and Broadcast (kind of evil sinister vibes and the voices).
  17. An Ode To Escapism
    by Ghost Funk Orchestra
    Little Bird Little Bird
    I like how the tracks (funky, jazzy, mysterious) are glued together by waiting loop like tracks where the singer talks you through like a therapy session. I recommend this therapy if you like trippy funk and smooth 60s psych.
  18. Night Walker
    by Ghost Funk Orchestra
    Night Walker Night Walker
    I definitely fell in love with this ghost jazz funk stuff. Can't decide if I prefer Night Walker or Blood Moon as favorite track- the whole EP is quite nice and way too short. The singer and the production give it a cool 60s vibe and the voiceover talking about demons makes it even more retro (in a lovable way!)
  19. Illusion Machine
    by Bret Higgins' Atlas Revolt
    Hunter Hunter
    Really glad I found this wonderful produced piece of art. I'd say it's kind of Jazz with eastern influenced melodies and the songs are quite diverse. It's a really nice combination of genres and entertaining.
  20. Fondue Party
    by Polyrhythmics
    Cracked Pepper Cracked Pepper
    These dudes just continued where they stopped with the last album - enjoy this nice n short psych funk show! Groovy beats and catchy melodies and as always a nice combination of different genres. This time we get some more Reggae!