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  2. Blues
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  1. Could Have Loved You
    by Wily Bo Walker & E D Brayshaw
  2. In This Life
    by Astra Kelly
  3. Trippin'
    by Anavae
  4. Greatest Hits!
    by Martha St. Arthur
  5. Magic Mirror
    by Pearl Charles
  6. Downey to Lubbock
    by Dave Alvin
  7. Keep Your Eyes Open (Silent Minds Pt. II)
    by Emma McGrath
    If you've lucked across this page in the enormous Bandcamp catalogue then before you move on, I urge you to, at least, listen to the title track. It's delivered with a slight catch in the voice that lends an air of vulnerability completely in keeping with the emotions expressed in the song.
    Quite possibly my favourite track of the year.
  8. Chasin' the Blues
    by Crytzer's Blue Rhythm Band
  9. The Fighter
    by Rich Girls
  10. The Baby
    by Samia
  11. Old Angel Midnight (live, East Berlin)
    by Brother Dege
    Give your eardrums a genuine treat. The best playing of steel guitars you'll hear today, or any other day for that matter.
  12. Dimensions
    by Anavae
    The fast and the curious.
    Pacey alternative rock coupled with intriguing lyrics.
  13. Live At Village Underground
    by Tusks
  14. Dust
    by Cable Street Rag Band
  15. Album + Album Stems
    by Rachel K Collier
  16. Covers 3
    by marissa nadler
  17. Ain't No Man A Good Man (Deluxe)
    by Wily Bo Walker
  18. Closer EP
    by Jamie Lynn Noon
    Melancholy that's delivered as smoothly as honey running down the outside of a glass.
  19. Live at Hot Box Studio
    by Ma Polaine
    Raw, unfussy, uncomplicated excellence.
  20. Teek
    by Kaki King