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  1. Bloodshot Records x Classic Rock Magazine Winter 2019 Sampler
    by Bloodshot Records
  2. Bloodshot Records x Classic Rock Magazine Spring 2020 Sampler
    by Bloodshot Records
  3. Matt Mays & El Torpedo
    by Matt Mays
  4. Higher Ground
    by Lance Lopez
  5. Different Street
    by Various Artists
  6. Psycho City
    by Stoned Earth
  7. Smoke Of Wisdom
    by Stoned Karma
  8. The Last Mile Of Destiny
  9. The Chill lounge 3
    by Paul Hardcastle
  10. Waveform Transmissions - Volume One
    by Various Artists
  11. Maui Chill - Vol Two (Sunset at the Kihei Cafe)
    by Various Artists
  12. Mississippi Bones
    by Mississippi Bones
  13. The Big Swamp
    by The Big Swamp
  14. Live in EastVan
    by Robert Connely Farr
  15. Howling Black Soul
    by Howling Black Soul
  16. First Light
    by Robert Davies
    by 100 Watt Vipers
  18. Dirtcake
    by Dirtcake
  19. The Echo of The Desert
    by Rider Negro
  20. Spectre
    by Lightning Dust