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Stoner Doom Microdosing

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  1. Ultra
    by Kadabra
  2. Samsara
    by Venom Prison
    Uterine Industrialisation Uterine Industrialisation
  3. Feathered Serpent | Death Hand EP
    by Grave Bathers
  4. Ghost 'Em All
    by Grave Bathers
    appears in 1 other collection
  5. F's given
    by Macrophagos
    Vivi Allan Vivi Allan
  6. ✠ I Tread On Your Grave ✠
    by The Death Wheelers
  7. Live at Bannermans Bar - August 2012
    by CONAN
    Satsumo Satsumo
  8. Insatisfacción
  9. Zombie Inferno
    by Bloodbath
  10. Low Melodies About Chaos
    Garbage Breeder Garbage Breeder
  11. AMBASSADOR (2016)
    by Ambassador
    Arbol de la paz Arbol de la paz
  12. EP
    by KAMNI
    Repatriation of God Repatriation of God
  13. Father of Death
    by LáGoon
    Father of Death Father of Death
  14. What's the scene, bob?
    by Goatsmoke
    Devil's Lettuce Devil's Lettuce
  15. Live at the Opera House
    by METZ
    Blind Youth Industrial Park (Live) Blind Youth Industrial Park (Live)
  16. Machine Cult
    by Dust Lord
    Laser Witch Laser Witch
  17. Podzilla
    by Scoville
    Leafhugger Leafhugger
  18. Divine Understanding
    by Victim To None
    Serenity Serenity
  19. Pyramids Planet
    by King Potenaz
    appears in 1 other collection
  20. Among The Ruins
    by King Potenaz
    appears in 1 other collection