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  1. Quinnzelle EP
    by Quinnzelle
  2. Curveball
    by Stubborn Strays
  3. Only Pictures
    by Yearbooks
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  4. Oceans
    by Dearly Divided
  5. Spiderwebs
    by Dearly Divided
  6. Mr. Agony
    by Dearly Divided
  7. Run
    by Dearly Divided
  8. Torn Apart By Two Gravities
    by Cryogenocide
  9. Looney Tunes Themes - Rock Covers
    by Chris Holland
  10. Adult Braces
    by No Trigger
  11. Worst New Artist
    by Clever Girl
  12. Sad Songs and Sing-Alongs
    by Columbus
  13. Home Remedy
    by Columbus
  14. We Called It America
    by NOFX
  15. Level Down
    by FA!L
    Fade Away Fade Away
    Damn good release from a very tight German skate punk band that definitely knows how to combine melody and punk together. Can't wait to hear more from these guys!
  16. Grace
    by Light The Way
    Note to Self Note to Self
    A brilliantly made pop-punk release that takes you back to your early "skater" days I suppose with a nostalgic melodic angsty vibe that I simply love! Can't wait to hear more from these guys!
  17. Portals to a Better, Dead World
    by Cara Neir
  18. 45 Or 46 Songs That Weren't Good Enough To Go On Our Other Records
    by NOFX
    Lower Lower
  19. The Anomalies Of Artificial Origin (Remixed & Remastered)
    by Abominable Putridity
    Letting Them Fall... Letting Them Fall...
    Technical brutal death metal that I was all too familiar with back in 2012 with the first version of this album. Damn good quality and vicious tone to this release, as well as the amazing artwork along with it. Solid as fuck!
  20. Metamorphosis
    by Vile
    The Revealing The Revealing
    Damn good melodic brutality by a brilliantly underrated extreme metal band that I wish was more well-known and recognized for such great music! I will be looking forward to more music in the future!
  21. Mothman
    by Predator
    Mothman Mothman
    Yet, another great underground metal band that doesn't get the attention they deserve. From guttural/shrieking vocals to raw, crunchy wailing guitars to heavy bass and incredible drumming - this is a band that needs to be recognized for their brilliant creative musical writing!
  22. All My Friends Are Diagnosed With Mental Illnesses
    by suicidekid
    Bipolar Bipolar
    Definitely recommend this great band. The tone in the guitars are brilliant as well as the drumming and vocal performance. The overall execution of the music is a damn solid masterpiece!

    Only thing... where's the rest of the album?
  23. Malefic
    by Morbid Terror
    Amidst The Found Amidst The Found
    Randomly stumbling upon this band, I was taken back by the amount of energy and rawness this band has. The different influences this band seems to take from is outstanding. At one moment I feel like I'm listening to Nasum, then another I'm listening to Gorgoroth. I'm glad to say I love both bands and appreciate bands like Morbid Terror that aren't afraid of trying out various styles of hardcore music. I definitely recommend this album, this band to anyone who wants something appealingly heavy!
  24. Age of Arda
    by Rasthir
    Finally, after two silent years, Rasthir is back with his triumphant Medieval Black Metal from Sydney, Australia to present us with this single "Age of Arda"! After an outstanding debut EP, the solo-act gives us, once again, another outstanding masterpiece! After listening to this track the first time, you feel as if you're a knight in the old medieval times, defending your kingdom from outside foreigners! Let Medieval Black Metal reign supreme!!
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  25. Sacred Spirals
    by Legion of Doom
    Raw, necro and no bullshit! \m/
  26. Bringing Back the Bloodshed
    Angela Angela
    A short-lived death/thrash/grind band that loved to combine two of the best things in the world: Metal and splatter/horror B-movies! Anyone who wants a nostalgia moment, this album is it! \m/
  27. Transmission Zero
    by Ghoul
    Tooth and Claw Tooth and Claw
    Just got into this band, but wow! What a fucking trip. This band combines Surf Rock with Death Metal & Thrash, what a brutal combination! I'm glad to say I'll buy more of this band's material as it is original and damn groovy!
  28. Slamageddon
    Midget Facefuck Midget Facefuck
    Guttural Slamming Fucking Death Metal up the ass! Shit Yeah! \m/\m/
  29. Path To Extinction [EP]
    by Path To Extinction
    Indoctrination of Filth Indoctrination of Filth
    Totally found this EP on accident and am really glad that I found this gem! This band reminds me so much of The Berzerker with the vocal delivery as well as a brutal death metal styled instrumental like Origin and Skinless. Again, really love this EP and am hoping to hear more from this band in the future, really dig it! \m/
  30. Bilskirnir - Wotansvolk
    by Obscure Abhorrence Productions
    Reconquering Atlantean Supremacy Reconquering Atlantean Supremacy
    An overlooked album, as well as a black metal gem that needs more recognition than what it is already given. you just don't get this type of amazing metal all the time, this is a guy; Widar, that's been doing this music since 1996 and barely gets noticed. I must say, the quality of his music is far and beyond, hopefully more will be released..and soon!
  31. What Great Fangs
    by What Great Fangs
    Hunkle Jesse Hunkle Jesse
    Damn good Southern "Werewolf" Metal! This band reminds me, gives me nostalgia of the Michigan Dogman/Beast of Bray Road every time I listen to them, really dig this band!
  32. Happiness Stops Here
    by Happy Days
    Sovnlose Netter I Mitt Isolatrom Sovnlose Netter I Mitt Isolatrom
    Definitely great album to listen to when you're sitting in your room alone at night, walking in the winter cold/snow alone, and just overall the most satisfyingly depressing dsbm you can listen to. Happy Days is a great band and have some really deep tunes!
  33. Seven Year Itch
    by Bad Whoremoans
  34. Valley Of The Scarecrow
    by Under A Nightmare
    Go Go Zombie Go Go Zombie
    Another great album by UAN, definitely an earlier and more hardcore side of the band! damn good music!
  35. Cemetery Getaway
    by Under A Nightmare
    Box Of Brains Box Of Brains
    My 2nd favorite album by this band after "Toxic Spills & Graveyard Thrills", this album is the first of what I heard by this band and I was instantly hooked and still am. I listen to this album almost everyday when I walk to and from work, definitely a keeper!
  36. Toxic Spills & Graveyard Thrills
    by Under A Nightmare
    Caught Atomic Caught Atomic
    Almost every song on this album is a winner, definitely one of the better horror punk/punk bands I've heard and the fact that they're considerably unknown, is really sad because they need that proper exposure to music fans all over. Amazing vocals/choruses, guitar leads, etc. If any album should be bought by this band; well all of them really, but definitely this one for sure!
  37. Devour All You See
    by Fisthammer
    Zombocalypse Zombocalypse
    I honestly stumbled upon this band and this album on accident, it's one of those cases where the album artwork really works in delivering fans to this type of music. Fist hammer is a damn good brutally melodic death machine of badass tunes that must be heard by both old school and new school death metal fans. \m/
  38. Don't Go in the Woods
    Minnesota Iceman Cometh Minnesota Iceman Cometh
    This is seriously one of the best death metal bands I've heard in a long time. This album "Don't Go In The Woods" and their previous album "Welcome to Boggy Creek" are solid A++ Metal albums that deserve more credit than they already do. This band is original and has some of the tightest riffs I've heard, can't wait for more music in the future!