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  1. SubGoth Vol. II : A Collection of Dark Electronic Music
    by SubGoth / ECR
  2. Spooks, Specters & Ghosts
    by ΣΕΘ(SET)
  3. Seven Heads
    by SKOLD
  4. Motor Worship
    by Stunner
  5. Slowly Getting Better
    by Calling All Captains
  6. What's Love Got To Do With It
    by Black Stone Cherry
  7. Sign of the Gypsy Queen (feat. David White)
    by Wreck-Defy
  8. Candy (Rewrapped)
    by PIG
  9. Live Sacrifice
    by Screamer
  10. PURGE
  11. Phantomime
    by Ghost
  12. Mary On A Cross (slowed + reverb / Hi Res)
    by Ghost
  13. Spillways
    by Ghost, Def Leppard
  14. Hell Tracks
    by Haunt
  15. The Dio Album
    by Paul Gilbert
  16. From The Basement
    by Delco Detention
  17. Cover Ups
    by Delco Detention
  18. What Lies Beneath
    by Delco Detention
  19. FunHouse (covers)
    by Delco Detention
  20. Hørizøns
    by Beyond The Black