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  1. Zawadi
    by Kimyan Law
  2. Jet Star Meets Hospital
    by Various Artists
  3. Shadows & Silhouettes
    by Hugh Hardie
  4. EXITLP013 - Mark System - 'Final Approach' LP
    by Mark System
    Waiting For A Meaningful Title Waiting For A Meaningful Title
    Wow!! This is a brilliantly cut gem of a Drum&Bass album. A gentle darkness is the special ingredient, which brings all the superb elements in this music together. Beats, bass and especially the synths express a lot of ideas, which I haven't heard like this before. I'm thrilled. Thank you!
  5. Digital - 'Synthesis' Download
    by Function Records Uk
    Infinity Infinity
    A big Jungle album! Sixteen dark rollers and steppers with a lot of different shades and ideas. The concept of a collaboration album gives it a diversity which is really refreshing and provides the listener rewind after rewind with unheard moments of bass-, beat, and sample-perfection. Great!
  6. EXITLP015 - Module Eight - 'Legacy' LP
    by Module Eight, dBridge, Skeptical, Loxy, Resound, Kid Drama,
    False Positive False Positive
    That's a dark sparkling Halftime beauty. Easy to overlook I guess, I just came across it by chance, a stubborn look through Exit's complete back catalouge and Peter Pesic's lead in the comments. Heavy basslines, tricky beats and a vibe of dark, propulsive urgency. Yeah!
  7. This Time Next Year
    by BCee
    Cannot Escape Your Love feat. L.I.T.A. (Millbrook Remix) Cannot Escape Your Love feat. L.I.T.A. (Millbrook Remix)
    I'm really relieved that BCee will not hang up the headphones anytime soon. Even thinking of the possibility... *shudders* And while waiting for new tunes this compilation is a good occasion to give the classics another rewind. :)
  8. Detroit Haze EP
    by Submorphics
    Don't Be So Cold Don't Be So Cold
    Well, this is not the usual Drum&Bass EP. Of from the start with a tight Hip Hop tune, Hip Hop, Soul and House come to mind as influences. But - and that's not a suprise - at the end it's a wonderful liquid Drum&Bass EP, full of warm, deep and bass mighty tunes. Enjoy!
  9. Alpha Omega - Return To The 9th Level Album (Digital)
    by Alpha Omega
    2) The Get down - AKO Beatz 2) The Get down - AKO Beatz
    20 years after Alpha Omega first took us deep into the universe we get another visit to the 9th Level. Yeah! This is a dense and intense Jungle album with lots of deep bass, hypnotic beats and a very welcomed extramundane feeling. Thank you!
    by TEK 9
    06) Tek 9 - Your Last Chance - AKO Beatz 06) Tek 9 - Your Last Chance - AKO Beatz
    Great Jungle album! Mighty bass, perfect fast-paced beats and wonderful attention binding futuristic synths and sounds. Never shallow and so much to listen to in detail. Just a perfect combination to show how alive and futuristic Drum&Bass still can be. Yeah!
  11. Planet Hearth
    by Calibre
    Error Error
    An absolutley beautiful album full of melancholic but warm music. The songs cover Ambient and Downbeat with a spritzer of Drum&Bass. But all in all words don't matter, the timeless music is about feelings and tells its' own story, as the liner notes state. A fragile, gentle and comforting experience - great music!
  12. Shine A Light
    by Dominick Martin
    Man On The Road Man On The Road
    This is a really interesting listening album between Jazz, Pop, Folk, Downbeat and Ambient. Musically not as coherent as the second LP but a beautiful and a charming mixed bag with a calm and enchanting atmosphere. Thank you!
    by your best friend jippy
    solar energy solar energy
    I really liked the second installment of your best friend jippy's travel to Bahia, Brasil, so I had to join his first journey, too. And for sure I also really enjoy this musical journey with a lot of gentle, musical and likewise tight beats. Thank you, your best friend jippy - you (some years ago) did it again! P.S. I really love the cover art of this release, so plain, so beautiful!
  14. BEAT TAPE 36.
    by your best friend jippy
    Two For Geedorah Two For Geedorah
    This Beattape exudes a lot of Soul. Obviously it often provides the samples and of course your best friend jippy has, as usual, infused his art also with a lot of soul. The music is full of variety over the whole playing time, nevertheless, the tape works excellently as a unit. Not least because all the little charming voice and dialouge samples in between. Great warm and relaxed music for ones - yes - soul. Thank you!
  15. BEAT TAPE 35.
    by your best friend jippy
    Wild Goose Chase Wild Goose Chase
    Another bright Beattape by your best friend jippy. So many lively, humorous and musical gems! The atmosphere is relaxed, the beats tight, the melodies and samples exhilarant and your best friend jippy has made an artform of voice samples and interludes which I absolutley like. An adorable album.
  16. BEAT TAPE 34.
    by your best friend jippy
    Pay Your Debts Pay Your Debts
    Great Beattape. 34 nice LoFi tracks, which bounce and swing and chill and are generally a lot of fun. The tape never gets boring because there's so much going on. I like especially the subliminal humor and the clever use of voice samples, the little interludes and the wonderful quirky sound ideas. And I absolutly love the comic cover art.
    by your best friend jippy
    The Top of Sugarloaf The Top of Sugarloaf
    Your best friend jippy grants us another wonderful Beattape. We travel into tropical realms and listen to beautiful beats created from Bossa Nova and related styles. We get a lot of Brazilian sounds with some new knack, interesting twists and the beloved your best friend jippy humor. This album comes just at the right time!
    by AKO BEATZ
    Stretch - Papa Lover (Granny Amen Delight Mix) Stretch - Papa Lover (Granny Amen Delight Mix)
    A great collection of Jungle tunes with a lot of different ideas, sounds and vibes. All of them provide a comfy oldschool feeling and transport the sound form back then into a promising future. An energetic and entertaining pleasure!
  19. Newport Magnetic
    by Submorphics
    Infinite Void Infinite Void
    Well, there is not much to add to the promo text. We get new Submorphics' music, which means warm, deep Drum&Bass rollers, liquid atmospherical sounds and even in only six tracks so much energy, soul and remarkable details that a lot of rewinds will be enjoyed. Beautiful release!
  20. A Little While Longer
    by Lenzman
    Combo feat. Satl Combo feat. Satl
    Fresh Lenzman tunes! That means deep liquid Drum&Bass at its' finest. The LP offers three soulful songs with vocalists, their instrumentals, and five more junglesk and dancefloor oriented tunes. One of them a dark roller with Satl and one a driving Jubei remix. Great release! Thank you!