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Doug Stillinger

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  1. The Colour Sergeant
    by Kevin Rollis
    Sketch For VR Sketch For VR
    Great sonic texturing, terrific ambient sound with a ton of atmosphere. Feels like a soundtrack for a movie I would love to watch. Perfect background music for work, or just spacing out. :)
  2. Newtypes; 1 N' All!
    by Kevin Rollis
    Newtype 5 Newtype 5
  3. 'Neil, Your Bedroom's On Fire!'
    by Kevin Rollis
    Pulse 3 (Security) Pulse 3 (Security)
  4. Mixed Signals
    by Pinemarten
    Trapped Trapped
  5. Minimum Country
    by Paul Kerschen
    Little Terror Little Terror
  6. Neukrk
    by Disparition
    The Ballad of Fiedler and Mundt The Ballad of Fiedler and Mundt
  7. Sword & Sworcery LP - The Ballad of the Space Babies
    by Jim Guthrie
    Dark Flute Dark Flute