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  1. Cult of Erinyes - Tiberivs Tape
    by Caverna Abismal Records
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    Germanicvs Germanicvs
    Compelling, finely crafted extreme metal, switching between moody, fatalistic and agressive but always drowning you in atmosphere.
  2. Exorkizein
    by Possession
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    In Vain In Vain
    Great evil stuff, could be unearthed demo's from some obscure mid-eighties band from either side of the Atlantic but the paradox is an obscure band from that time could have never achieved such a level of tightness and production values ;-) These evil nasties perfectly straddle that divide between 'ancient and pure' on one side and 'crafty and listenable' on the other. Whatever way you look at it, it's stuff that makes you max your amp and bang your head in praise of timeless anti-cosmic forces
  3. Afterlife - s/t LP
    by phobiarecords
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    Forget Regret Forget Regret
  4. The Shackles of Mammon
    by Craven Idol
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    Dashed to Death Dashed to Death
    Evil thrashing metal build on an overdose of riffs and long nurtured malignancy
  5. One With The Universe
    by Samsara Blues Experiment
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  6. Heavy Weather
    by Evoke Thy Lords
    Heavy Weather Heavy Weather
  7. My Fuzz
    by Fuzz Evil
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  8. Viper Vixen Goddess Saint
    by Fire Down Below
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    The Mammoth The Mammoth
    Reminds me a lot of the first wave of Swedish stoner/desert bands like Dozer, Demoncleaner and the mighty Lowrider of course. But mind you it is not derivative, these cats have taken cues but really bring a passion, warmth and depth to this familiar sound that's wholly their own.
  9. Deadbeat at dawn
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    Monkey on my back Monkey on my back
  10. The Magnificent Brotherhood
    by The Magnificent Brotherhood
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    No Mercy On Ravers No Mercy On Ravers
    Best freak out psych garage rock you can find between the Ural and the North Sea!
  11. Far And Few. (Digital Download)
    by AOS3
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    Last of the Summer of 77 Last of the Summer of 77
  12. Насквозь / I see you through
    by KAMNI
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    Насквозь / I see you through Насквозь / I see you through
  13. Void Fumes
    by Obscure Evil
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    Black Metal Storm Black Metal Storm
  14. SERVUS
    by Bathsheba
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    I, at the End of Everything I, at the End of Everything
    Great doom metal, both dark, gripping but not without some sludgy aggression at times. Varied vocals and guitarplaying and dynamic songs all togther. Rarely DOOM packs so much atmosphere punch in 40-odd minutes
  15. Porcupine
    by Needle And The Pain Reaction
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    Alone Alone
  16. Sacred States
    by Ortega
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    Maelstrom Maelstrom
  17. First Step Towards Supremacy
    by Kosmokrator
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    Kosmokratoras III - Mother Whore Kosmokratoras III - Mother Whore
    Cavernous death meatl with some odd sounds but nothing but deathliness
  18. Orange is the New Wack
    by IT
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  19. Never
    by Withdrawal
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    An Offering An Offering
  20. The Shadow of Hesper Payne
    by Hesper Payne
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  21. JUNIOR BRUCE Endless Descent
    by Junior Bruce
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    Night Hag Night Hag
    imagine High On Fire going delirious on swamp fumes and jamming out all night long...
  22. Here To Disappear
    by Upright
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  23. Sombre Doom
    by Dead Congregation
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    Redemptive Immolation Redemptive Immolation
  24. Italy Strikes Back!
    by Doomed & Stoned
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    HAUNTED - Nightbreed HAUNTED - Nightbreed
  25. Rheia
    by Oathbreaker
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    Second Son of R. Second Son of R.
  26. Księżyc milczy luty
    by FURIA
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    Zabieraj łapska Zabieraj łapska
    Dark, haunting, an ode to the moon and another true expression of unfettered creative energy
  27. HAYMAKER Taxed...Tracked...Inoculated...Enslaved
    by A389 Recordings
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    Half Empty Half Empty
  28. ILSA Tutti Il Colori Del Buio
    by A389-114
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    Blood Rituals Blood Rituals
  29. West Of Everything Lies Death
    by Taphos Nomos
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    Swallowed In Boiling Kaolinite Swallowed In Boiling Kaolinite
  30. Allegiance To None
    by Mayak
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    You, The Goddess You, The Goddess
  31. Feature Magnetic
    by Kool Keith
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    Super Hero (feat. MF DOOM) [L'Orange Remix] Super Hero (feat. MF DOOM) [L'Orange Remix]
  32. Pimp To Eat
    by Analog Brothers
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    Analog Intro Analog Intro
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  34. Gypsy Jungle ~ Turbo Folkstep
    by Ushti Baba
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    Merry Go Round Merry Go Round
  35. The Hammer Doctrine
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    I am the Tyrant I am the Tyrant
    This is ear brutalizing, fast and evil thrash. The boogie notions seeping into the basswork and the occasionally surprisingly subtle melodies or leads only add up to the power and the instant hit quality of this album.
  36. The Earth Is The Sky
    by The Moth Gatherer
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    The Black Antlers The Black Antlers
    Very good atmospheric DOOM/sludge in the ISIS vein. Especially the grand finale of the last 2 tracks is very engrossing and well executed. If you're into Cult Of Luna, ISIS, etc. don't pass this up.
  37. Skullcrusher
    by Bloodshed
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    Skullcrusher Skullcrusher
  38. Freedom
    by Baby Woodrose
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    21st Century Slave 21st Century Slave
  39. Not Worth Saving
    by Seventh Circle
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    Deathtrap Deathtrap
    4 tracks of dark metallized hardcore that powerfully echoes the Holy Terror sound.
  40. Fuck That Pretty Boy Shit
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    Chekhov's Gun (Feat. Marilyn Carino) Chekhov's Gun (Feat. Marilyn Carino)
    Down to earth raps over productions that are sometimes quite out there. Don't get mistaken by the deliberately low profile of these cats, this is hip hop of the highest quality.
  41. 044MPZ
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  42. Blood
    by Messa
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  43. Of Seismic Consequence
    by YAKUZA
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    The Ant People The Ant People
  44. Beneath the Alum Shale
    by Hesper Payne
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    The Lonely Shore The Lonely Shore
  45. I AM. Deathless (EP)
    by Ethereal Riffian
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    Drum of the Deathless Drum of the Deathless