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  1. Serpent's Curse (Death Metal)
    by HEADS FOR THE DEAD (International)
  2. The Falling Light
    by Eternal Valley
  3. Servants of the Countercosmos
    by Wode
  4. Endinghent
  5. Aske
    by Burzum
    Just grabbing me a piece of BM history.
  6. I
    by Bufihimat
    Thy Flesh Consumed Thy Flesh Consumed
    What a find this was. Imagine the technical presence of Ulcerate delivered with the attitude of Wormrot and you're getting close.
  7. Stalking The Ghost
    by Unearthly Trance
    Dream State Arsenal Dream State Arsenal
    A resonating reminder of why a world without Unearthly Trance is a bad place. Great artwork to (on the vinyl version it truly comes into its own) accompany the great music.
  8. Aphotic Womb
    by Sinmara
    There's layers galore here. Thin veils of dirty flesh laid atop of each other inviting you to slowly strip them away and find the dark treasures of the flesh beneath.
  9. Of Despair And Self-Destruction
    by Insanity Cult
    Prologue - The Light That Drowned Itself Prologue - The Light That Drowned Itself
    The whole album just falls into place, track after track. Unexpected as to how much I actually play this completely blind purchase. Proof that blind purchases work!
  10. Nothing Is Free
    by JK FLESH
    Nothing Is Free Nothing Is Free
    Just the gritty and dirty industrial noise you'd expect from Justin. The death march to a thousand council estate funerals.
  11. Tam, Gdzie Miesiąc Opłakuje Świt...
    by Wędrujący Wiatr
    Tam, Gdzie Miesiąc Opłakuje Świt... Tam, Gdzie Miesiąc Opłakuje Świt...
    Close your eyes when listen to this and soon you'll be there, in that cover, gazing through the hazy darkness of that forest at night. The music will be all you need to understand the vastness and depth of your surroundings.
  12. In Terra Profugus
    by Carpe Noctem
    Metamorphoses Maleficarum Metamorphoses Maleficarum
    Can only liken them to a blackened and slightly more melodic version of Grave Miasma, with a substantial lashing of atmosphere on the side. Iceland has a strong reputation for decent BM and this doesn't disappoint.
  13. Martwa Polska Jesień
    by FURIA
    Ślepych Dzień Ślepych Dzień
    There's a real earthy feel to Furia's debut full length, with its modern touches of folk and rock influence. You could paper the walls of your living room in the atmosphere that comes off this record.
  14. split EP with KAWIR
    by Nocternity
  15. Dungeon Bastards
    by Ghoul
    Word is Law Word is Law
    Riffs? Yep we got em! A fine blend of short, sharp stabs of thrashing fury delivered with an almost grindcore mentality, yet alongside this sits some of the most catchy and melodic guitar melodies you'll find anywhere.
  16. Wretch
    by Wretch
    Grey Cast Mourning Grey Cast Mourning
    Emotion fuelled stoner/doom metal that could quite easily be straight out of the 70's. Some very real and obvious emotion caught in these seven tracks. As solid a record as you'll hear all year on this front at least.
  17. Graves of Ceaseless Death
    by Ruinous
    Dragmarks Dragmarks
    This is a contender for DM record of the year which is big call with the likes of Ulcerate and Gorguts dropping great records this year also. Here we have a different form of DM though, a hybrid of old school DM, grindcore and death/doom thundering over the listener like a stampede of hellhounds.
  18. We Had It Coming
    by Dormant Ordeal
    Tar Tar
    An unexpected find on a random weekend BC jaunt. Melodic and well written death metal which I don't find as technical as other reviewers have indicated. Strong songwriting is really evident also.
  19. Viha ja viikate
    by Horna
    Viha ja viikate Viha ja viikate
    It's all about the necro baby!
  20. Scar Sighted
    Scar Sighted Scar Sighted
    Violent in a gratuitously individual way, yet also an honest and unrepenting exploration of real inner pain. Few records have held my interest in recent times like "Scar Sighted" has. Utterly enthralling!