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  1. Ûlairi
    by ûlairi
  2. Shestopyor
    by Shestopyor
    From the first second on, this is intense. It's a raw, brutal Black Metal punch right in the face. I somewhat expected them to slow down at some point or to sprinkle in some synths, but no, it gets worse and worse and worse. This record caught me right from the beginning but sat on my wishlist for at least a year, before I realized how many times I had already listened to it. FFO Mons Veneris, Irae.
  3. Black Mass Sunday
    by Aerik Von
    14 14
    I came across this watching Teloch's YouTube channel, where he occasionally launches metal riff challenges. One of the entries in the 14th edition of it is track No. 14 of this compilation. what was so casually put out there as "Hello to the wife" is by far the most impressive blackened doom I have ever heard. It somewhat reminds me of Lord Mantis, due to the singing style I also sense some Urfaust. thank you for putting it out Aerik, the underground is only vital because there are guys like you
  4. IV - Infinite Victor
    by Sacrilegious Impalement
    Storming Death Storming Death
    Man this took way too long. I've been a fan for some years now and I can't wait to listen to it, Triumphator sounds amazing.
  5. Transylvanian Glare
    by Arnaut Pavle
    Baptized In Jesus' Piss Baptized In Jesus' Piss
    I dare you to listen to this for longer than 10 seconds without subconsciously bursting out with:"IN THE SHADOW OF THE HOOOOOOORNS!"

    I was hoping for another release, expected much, but they have indeed become even better.
    by POXX
    Undying Undying
    Found this Death Metal gem. Old schoolish, dirty, rumbling with some freaky vocals.
  7. Return to Nothing
    by Sachiel
    Pretty intense record overall, with a metallic edge to what otherwise is classic Grindcore. FFO Dead in the Dirt.
  8. Moonchants to Eternus
    by Blutumhang
  9. Maleficus Maleficarum
    by Witch In Her Tomb
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  10. Witch In Her Tomb
    by Witch In Her Tomb
  11. Meditations
    by Witch In Her Tomb
  12. Mastvrbations Malveillantes MMXVII
    by RvbberVvitch
    Sous l'oeil du Maître Infernal Sous l'oeil du Maître Infernal
    If I used all the words describing this buzzing in my head, you'd think I just bought a progressive record. Wrong!
    This is terrible music in rhe best possible way. It combines so many elements of bands I like, I feel like I have actually missed something for not having this in my life. Very diverse with Gorgoroth's TOTI vocals and sound-density like Revenge. absolutely crushing and unrelentless. Huge surprise.
    FFO My Skin Is Multicam, Horde Of Hel, Mysticum.
  13. The Sorcerer of Nazareth
    by The Astral Serpent
    The Sorcerer of Nazareth The Sorcerer of Nazareth
    666 era Katharsis meets BSL era Carpathian forest. The Astral Serpent is America's M. de Jong: You don't have to like it, but you'll have to admit it's great for what it is. TSON and EGOTNE are among the best RBM releases I have heard recently and easily better than most of the oh-so-well-produced European output lately. Didn't expect it either, but America is now a force to be reckoned with in BM and thanks to releases like this, I'm very happy about that.
  14. Mask of Sanity
    by Sangre De La Luna
    Apterous And Drowning Apterous And Drowning
    Outstanding! never heard of these guys, was instantly blown away by the way they combine a raw production with such a dense sound. while I think it is very atmospheric music, I wouldn't necessarily describe it as ABM, the edge is just too raw and scary. FFO The Night Spectre
  15. vat gëlénva!!!
    by Trhä
    While I wouldn't even dare to call this easily digestible or even friendly-to-the-ear, this definitely is among the rather easy accessible raw black metal. As always song length are totally ridiculous and almost ruin what otherwise is an impressive performance. Though, the songs don't feel like an never ending martyrium of repetitive news, but rather like two or three songs following one another. Musically this is habds down among the best RBM has to offer.
  16. De Dunklas Sorgeakt (Ett Nordiskt Afvsked...)
    by Bekëth Nexëhmü
  17. De Dunkla Herrarna
    by Bekëth Nexëhmü
  18. Panzer Division Marduk
    by Marduk
    Without any doubt one of the most infamous Black Metal releases ever. While it probably rose to fame mostly due to its over the top lyrics and appeal, it should be made perfectly clear that this is also easily one of the best modern Black Metal albums.
  19. 1410
    by XificurK
    Tasna Tasna
    Great Burzum insoired classic BM with a raw edge, subtle melodies and mid-tempo atmosphere, not a rager but a depressive, angry
    gem. If you enjoy Filisophem you're in for a treat.
  20. The Eternal Melancholy of the Wampyre
    by Wampyric Rites
    Tyrant's Blood Tyrant's Blood