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  1. Slights and Abuse / The Sycophant
    by Indian
    Second Death Second Death
    I own all current Indian albums for quite a while now, but with the annoucement of a forthcoming LP I rediscovered the intensity that is their pure bread audio filth. If you thought you know threatening music, think again and give this one a spin.
  2. The Unquiet Sky
    by Indian
    Ration Ration
    Have you ever heard a record that made you think "This is really exhausting." If you can only slightly appreciate that feeling than you have just found the band for you. Indians Blacknoisesludge is among the most dangerous musical secretions I have ever heard. This album haunts you.
  3. Blood War
    by Grinning Death's Head
    The Sword The Sword
    So many things about this suggest this may be a Punk or maybe HC record. Wrong. So, so wrong. This is raw, hateful Black Metal. The question you may ask is "why of all Raw BM albums buy this?" GDH make themselves recognizable by great down tempo parts that suddenly make the music explode into a shattering groove beast. Drums for that purpose have been recorded with a wide open hihat, which I think have made it almost unaltered in the record, that increases rawness and brutality. Fuck yes!
  4. Rouges chapelles
    by Chambre Froide
    L'Opprobre L'Opprobre
    Angry, classy french Black Metal, with a very raw edge. I think the elitary nature of the french language fits like a glove to CF's way of performing music, intesifying the yabbing even more. I think despite the presence of so many bands that play a style similar to CF they have created a stand alone sound, that you can't really put your finger on, but that is recognisable among the others and makes this a great addition to all connoisseurs of the darkest arts.
  5. Among the Ranks of the Unconquerable
    by Death Fortress
    King's Blood King's Blood
    H.E.L.L.B.O.O.T. H.E.L.L.B.O.O.T.
  7. Laws of Power
    Ovum of Filth Ovum of Filth
    Expander is the black sheep in my collection. Actually I think it's the only not-so-black-sheep in my collection. But good music doesn't know any genre borders (it does) and Expander make some damn good, properly crafted metal punk. I think though the punk element isn't very obvious. However, it's a fun time listening to it, what do you want more?!
  8. Final Dawn 7"
    by Unravel
    Vigilum Statu Vigilum Statu
    Much fun HM2 old school Death Metal with some Hardcore/Grind sprinkles.
  9. Cryptfucking Demonizers of Holocaustic Wrath
    by Druidus
    Ritualistic Defecation in Hellbent Ecstasy Ritualistic Defecation in Hellbent Ecstasy
    Reading the name of that EP I expected something a lot more stupid. I am pretty positively surprised right now though. What you get is a pretty damn hard black/ death, bestial black, whatever you wanna call it sort of music that even knows to rock here and there. I really like it. Due to the raw sound it gets an extra edge, which I think makes it really enjoyable.
  10. .- -... ... . -. -.-. .
    by Mesarthim
    .---- .----
    I have yet to go through their whole discography, but after checking out this release on youtube I am absolutely staggered by the degree of musical craftsmanship and how well this is really put together. I think however it's a pity that the most current release is overly packed with synths and stuff alike. This might be one of the most remarkable atmospheric releases lately though. FFO Darkspace, Battle Dagorath.
  11. Triumph of the Undying
    by Death Fortress
    Battlefield Zenith Battlefield Zenith
    Death Fortress once again rises to deliver an outstanding modern Black Metal release. Although I have only owned this album for three days at this point I think it may be my favorite DF album ever. Hammering their hatred in your face with high pitches screams and deep grunts, mostly at insane speeds and withbuzzing, traditional BM guitars TOTU offers everything you'd expect from a top notch album, plus DF's characteristic madness. This will likely be among Black Metal's top ten in 2017.
  12. Bramy Nawii
    by Abusiveness
    Welesowy Cień Welesowy Cień
    Despite the fact that I usually enjoy the more primitive and and raw takes on music, I don't mind having one or two more refined and elaborate bands in my collection. That's what Abusiveness is to me. The degree of musical profession is quite impressive (as you would expect after 20 years) yet it's a pretty intense record, with hyperspeed instrumentation and agressive vocals. I think all fans of modern Black Metal should try this one.
  13. Hengen Tulet
    by HORNA
    Tämä maailma odottaa Tämä maailma odottaa
    Only few people will not know this album and notice, that besides this I neither own a Sargeist nor another Horna album. That's simply because I honestly think this album is Shatraug's best work until today. I love verything about it, muscianship, production, atmosphere and the new found sound, that everybody besides me is hating on with a passion. I honestly think listening to this record once isn't enough and you should give it another chance if you're among the deniers of this masterpiece.
  14. Eternvs Mos, Nex Ritvs
    Deceased Ambience Deceased Ambience
    Mondern classic album and probably one of the most promising newer bands in Black Metal. Thy Darkened Shade have set a level for Greek Black Metal and with it cleared the way for other great artists who are following in their footsteps. EMNR is an absolute must have and one of the few occasions where you can actually hear that it has been thoroughly influecend by greek culture which makes it stand out from all other BM releases you have heard before.
    by ASP
    Vicious, raw american Black Metal, played with a distinct sense for old school releases. This isn't only one track, it's a full demo and I think again another impressive prove that american BM has come a long way. If you ever enjoyed Wulkanaz, Craft or the old Carpathian Forest records you're in for a treat.
  16. In Death
    by Svartsyn
    Seven Headed Snake Seven Headed Snake
    Depite their impressive backcatalogue I have never heard of Svartsyn, before they released Seven Headed Snake as a promotional track. I immediately fell in love with their destructive style of playing pure black metal. I decided to preorder when I heard Black Thornes Of Death, which is even greater than Seven Headed Snake.
  17. Urgrund - Urgrund
    by Deathrune Records
    Besieged Besieged
    I think everyone of us is constantly searching for the recognizable record, that offers things that you like in other bands, but adds something new to the great old formular. This is it for me. You probably know by now, that I love Black Thrash. Urgrund have found a really memorable way of playing this by beeing musically abolutely up to date and compareable but giving their very own spin to it. You should check it out if you're in for a treat today.
  18. Spirits of the Darkwood
    by Atra Mors
    Fog of Ruin Fog of Ruin
    Goose bumps from the first second. I love everything about this album: the art, the production, the music, the feel and the atmosphere. Atra Mors communicate their message with so much rage and top it with THOSE VOCALS, you just have to beieve they're dead serious about what they do. This record makes you believe Black Metal is dangerous again.
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  19. From the Mist, We are but Dust
    by Sunspell / Saudade
    Black Death Black Death
    You won't find a lot of occasions where I placed a preorder, but given Saudade's impressive releases before this split makes me very excited and Black Death sounds absolutely monumental. Can't wait for this beast to be unleashed.
  20. Diary Of Voices
    by Saudade
    Pg.1 Pg.1
  21. Saudade
    by Saudade
    I. I.
  22. Mónaþfylen
    by Isenscur
    Diaomai Diaomai
    A worship of 90s scandinavian Black Metal from the UK. The amount of negativity and disgust towards all things is remarkable. There's only few melodies, everything just gets sucked into the black mass that is this album. With only little use of Keyboards or Synths they create a quite intimidating atmosphere, which is only rarely achieved by modern BM bands imo. This is a record for the fancier of true darkness and all things Black Metal stands for besides the music. 10/10
  23. My Soul for His Glory
    by BEHEXEN
    Let the Horror and Chaos Come Let the Horror and Chaos Come
    I don't think this needs any further words or descriptions, thus I'm just gonna say despite all the earlier, probably truer and/or more underground releases that have come from scandinavia since the late 80s, this in fact may be my favorite Black Metal album of all time.
  24. Nailing Shut the Sacrosanct Orifice
    by Sovereign
    Knives Coated in Pitch of Terror Knives Coated in Pitch of Terror
    Awesome Black Metal with a sense for really rancid Rock'n Roll. Despite having some groove in the mix and playing one or two slower parts the aggression is perceptible at all times.
  25. Hof
    by Misþyrming
    Awesome track that combines their already famous formular with some new influences. Having said that, I think they may just have found the recipe to convert me into a fanboy. Looking foward to hear more of that, hopefully in form of another full length.
  26. Söngvar elds og óreiðu
    by Misþyrming
    Söngur heiftar Söngur heiftar
    I came across this album pretty late in comparison to when these guys were all up and down the frontpages of BM literature. Honestly I don't think they are "the very best of 2nd wave BM" I just think it's very well made, somewhat different, modern BM that doesn't wear off that fast. They definatly have a lot of musical understanding, which gets apparent in the song structure, instrumentation and the willingness to experiment slightly with the old formulars without beeing progressive at any point
  27. WOUNDVAC // COLUMNIII Split 7"
    Mensrea Mensrea
  28. WOUNDVAC // GLITTERBOMB Split Cassette
    Upon the Threshold Upon the Threshold
    Shouts in the Distance Shouts in the Distance
    It's just angry. What can I say more? It's just incredibly angry.
  30. INFAMY 7"
    Dwell Dwell
    Loved their old Disgraced Convert 7". Meanwhile Woundvac have come to a lot more musical profession without losing their sense for a good old Grindcore massacre. The production is surprisingly good, while musically you'll probably be reminded of Pig Destroyer in their best days. I love this record.
  31. Hyperborea
    by Ancestors Blood
    Autumn (Metsäpirtii part II) Autumn (Metsäpirtii part II)
    What really stands out about this album is the way the band has worked as a unit in my opinion. This record is very well put together and I think compared to their former releases this stands out as the most mature and musically evolved. While the vocal performance hasn't lost any of their attack force the intrumentation is very elaborate and shows the band has come a long way to get to this point. Awesome record!
  32. Afrodisiacum der Vroomheid
    by Orewoet
    Prodigious fascination of enshrouded darkness Prodigious fascination of enshrouded darkness
    I agree with the comparison with Behexen. A lot actually. I'd go as far as saying that Afrodisiacum Der Vroomheid mostly does for me what the Poisonous Path couldn't. I was disappointed, but I think that Orewoet don't have to be feared to be listed among the great, old Black Metal artists. This sounds more old school than most actual old school BM records and is better made than 99% of the current wave BM releases.
  33. Jak Zabija Diabeł
    by Death Like Mass
    Jak Zabija Diabeł Jak Zabija Diabeł
    I fell in love with Death Like Mass the first second I heard Jak Zabija Diabeł, when it still was a promotional song. This EP is in fact just as good as I was hoping it would be. After CDG haven't done anything for me after Henbane, this is exactly what I needed. Fuck yes!
  34. When the last christians die
    by Dark Plague
    Altered Faith Altered Faith
  35. Perverse devotion
    by Dark Plague
    Intro Intro
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  36. SADISM
    Liber Vitiosus Haereticus Liber Vitiosus Haereticus
    Only few bands are able to deliver a more sincere feeling of disrespect than Dark Plague do within the first seconds of Sadism. I buy their message and I absolutely adore their way of pressing all those negative emotions in their tracks. Outstanding album, can't believe I never heard of them before. I instantly bought the whole discography.
  37. Terror Proselytization
    by Despotic Terror Kommando
    Malthusian Catastrophe Malthusian Catastrophe
    Among the bands with the all time great band names, these guys are definitely in the top 10. Also, they play the hell of a Black Metal/ War Metal mix.
  38. Syner
    by Grift
    Svältorna Svältorna
    Words will not be able to describe what's about to happen once you hit play. Take an hour off and enter Grift. This is the best suggestion you'll hear for a very long time, believe me.
  39. Gudatall
    by Murg
    Törstens kval Törstens kval
    If you read this, be asured that you have found one of the top 10 2nd wave black metal albums ever made. Enjoy.
  40. Through Lunar Gateways
    by Ars Magna Umbrae
    Against The Light Against The Light
    Sometimes I have trouble believing that a certain project only consists of only one member. Compsing songs as Ars Magna Umbrae is evidence of real musical profession. The songs are rather short, but none the less complex. There's a climax to this record and it never loses it's intensity, not even in the calm passeges, that basically work as the set screws for the next inferno to come. I'm deeply impressed.
  41. Mortichnium
    by Lam
    The Long Rain The Long Rain
    I think this album is ok really. It's nothing that would leave you speechless, but it's good fun to listen to. I will definitely give this a few more spins.
  42. FRONT - Iron Overkill
    by Iron Bonehead Productions
    Wargods Unbound Wargods Unbound
    When I heard some guys from Sacrilegious Impalement have made another project I was sold straight away. Front deliver just what I think everybody loves about SI, plus some special ingredients. I think it all turned out to be a blackened Motörhead worship, which is awesome.
  43. Litany of Ruinous Entities
    by L.O.R.E.
    Litany V Litany V
    Minimalisitic, ripping Black Metal. Very Lo-Fi and hateful.
  44. suna kulto
    by Dakhma
    East East
    Wow, can't believe I'm saying that, but I actually like a release with very long songs. I think it helps the atmosphere. Also I think although there are quite some silent parts in both songs it doesn't interrupt the music as a whole and even lightens it up in between these very long songs. After all, this is really a surprise for me, I like everything about this record, you should defintaly join the journey that this record is.
  45. Nedstigning
    by GJENDØD
    Håpet Falmer Håpet Falmer
    I already loved their first EP and I'm very happy to see, they sticked to their old formular. Unsurprisingly Nedstigning is an intense rager. High speed blasting, evil, evil, evil vocals and swooshing, buzzing guitars. It has again become a demonstration of excessive violence without sounding cheese at any point. It is just very fast, very angry Black Metal.