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  1. VI. Skin Stone Blood Bone
    by Ifernach
    Infernal Journeys of the Medecine Man Infernal Journeys of the Medecine Man
    I just bought the NABM split and loved it so dearly, I had to check out more of the artists and wasn't disappointed one single bit. Although it appears Ifernach's whole discography is amazing this album stood out so much, I just had to have it right now. To get he best glimpse of it, I highly recommend you check out IJOTMM, because it basically is the whole album boiled down to it's essence. This is my best find in 2020. Every song is great. FFO Inquisition, old Immortal, Nordvrede.
  2. Native Amerikan Black Metal
    by Pan-Amerikan Native Front
    War Belts of Death to the Garrisons War Belts of Death to the Garrisons
    Everything about this is serious, I.e. there's nothing about this split that is not turned to the absolute max. The songwriting is brilliant, the musical skills outstanding and the idea is modern, yet sounds familiar. It strongly reminds me of Nordvis bands, Murg in particular. I'm stunned. 10/10
  3. Antichrist Militia
    by FRONT
    Machinegun Blasphemy Machinegun Blasphemy
    I love front since they released their wargods unbound demo. as a long term fan of sacrilegious impalement, this is just logical. However they're not just a copy. AM is once again one of the most singalong-worthy album's that's produced closely to Marduk's Victoria while the song structure sounds like a modern approach to Urgehal's earlier outputs.
  4. The Burning Spears Of Crimson Agony (Demo)
    by Lamp Of Murmuur
    Meditating In The Poisonmists Meditating In The Poisonmists
    I loathe long songs. HOWEVER: there are ways to do it and here it's actually been done. At no point this is boring or feels like parts are stretched out.
    In an amazing way he crafts the songs with so many different elements. Changes up and down in tempo, multiple voices, occult shouts, you name it. The most disgusting in metal is collected and puked out through a blackened mouth. It smashes your head in in so many ways, I really find it remarkable. Best demo in a very long time.
  5. Cursed Deambulations Of The Nocturnal Entities (Demo)
    by Lamp Of Murmuur
  6. 2020 Demo
    by Spirit Possession
    Deity of knives and pointed apparitions Deity of knives and pointed apparitions
    I keep making the point that the origin of a band nowadays says nothing about their sound. Hence I may as well say this is old school TNBM. Because it kinda is. Except it's not from Norway. From this I shuffled straight into Mayhem's Deathcrush and by all means, both records could've been released at the same time. It actually occurs to me that by nowaday's standards DC -ar least when it comes to the vocals- may be further from BM than this one. It's awesome, pity it's only two songs.
  7. The Octagonal Stairway
    by Pig Destroyer
    So there will finally be some decent crushing PXD sounds again. I'm hooked by this since the opener first came out via the Adult Swim single sessions, which by now not is already some years ago. I hope the rest of the EP can keep up with this, if it does, this is the best Grind release of 2020.
  8. De Fördolda Klangorna
    by Bekëth Nexëhmü
    Bestens Urblod Bestens Urblod
    Compared to the ultra lo-fi demos, this appears almost as a high quality production. ALMOST.
    I really love that he has managed to improve on the seriously bad sound quality of the demos, that have always brought up great songs, but have been almost rendered unlistenable due to the bad production. De svartas urblod has always been my favorite demo and I think the re-recording really emphasizes what a great demo it actually is. I think this compilation is exactly what was due.
  9. Blasphemous Exorcism
    by Vulture Lord
    04 Storming With Vengance 04 Storming With Vengance
    Amazing, rotten, lo-fi, old school Black Metal. Apparently I'm very late to the party, but it doesn't keep me from praising this. So glad I finally checked this out after so many years.
  10. ...and lost in infinite hovering wings
    by The Night Specter
    It's not that I would've expected anything less impressive when I read the announcement of this project, yet it blows my mind. This is easily among the best ever atmospheric BM releases and doesn't need to fear the great old ones like Darkspace or Walknut. the GTT collectives once again rises to deliver nothing but the absolute best without making a big deal about it. Fans of Phyriphlegethon will worship this.
  11. Koud Gemaakt
    by Grafjammer
    Dulle Griet Dulle Griet
    An outstandingly great record that leans on established recipes but stands on it's own feet. The netherlands have brought out some really great black metal outfits recently, Grafjammer may just be the next big thing. Whoever has bought an early Darkthrone or Carpathian Forest release will love this. This is not only obvious from the "covers" but also from the overall feel. This record will have them signed to a label in no time. This is one of my top 5 releases 2019.
  12. Wardenclyffe
    by Ytivarg
    I had a weird relationship with Isacaarum's outputs. Loved some albums, hated the majority though. Although it is most often referred to, I don't see a strong musical relationship between the two projects. Ytivarg is a solid Grindcore project, that's close enough to the "mainstream" but keeps it's distance to stand out. They achieve this very well. from start to finish it's a great album in all regards. Although within Grindcore it is even sort of refined, it's a true slasher. Awesome.
  13. Jacob's Ladder
    by Hell Militia
  14. Phanerosis
    by Black Mass Pervertor
    Dark Communion Dark Communion
    Had this sitting on my wishlist for the longest time, beeing rather pissed because of the price tag of 666€, which I still don't really get. Whatever made them reconsider it, I'm glad it happened. It is a jewel even compared to the high standard of finnish black metal. While there's some Rock and some Thrash here and there it sticks absolutely true to it's roots, bringing damn ugly sound and raw harshness. BMP are one of the most to-be-watched-out-for artists in the whole scene imo.
  15. Hatred For Mankind
    by Dragged Into Sunlight
    Buried With Leeches Buried With Leeches
    Blackeneddommdeathgrind is what's being offered here. I cannot wrap my around why I never paid any attention to this although it's been so frequently recommended to my. It is absolutely fatantistic, every genre is this extrem mix occasionally shines through, just to be swallowed by another one seconds later which brings incredible long time play value.
  16. Always High, Always Low
    by RAW HEX
    Shut You Out Shut You Out
    After the first three tracks have been released I can gladly report, it is just as ugly and unforgiving as expected. You may have guessed by my account name that the Votnut EP scored very high in my personal charts and indeed, it is one of my all time favourite records to this day. No one has ever brought Black Metal and Grindcore together like this. Since many other bands have failed to come up with a proper follow up release this year I'm happy this has kept all it's unspoken promises.
  17. The Frog Whisperer
    by Phyllomedusa
    Mouth Like A Vacuum, Tummy Like A Trash Bag Mouth Like A Vacuum, Tummy Like A Trash Bag
  18. Universal Death Church
    Qliphotic Alpha Qliphotic Alpha
    Disappointed. Pervertor is an all time great. This isn't even remotely close to it. Shame.
  19. Arnaut Pavle
    by Arnaut Pavle
    Unholy Black Balsam Unholy Black Balsam
    Of course it's from Finland, why was I even looking that up?! In short, it is -of course- brillinat. I loved the demo which must've been appeared one or two years earlier. It still is Black Metal with some Rock and Thrash influences and dearly reminds me of the first Black Mass Pervertor record, also, all the Craft comparisons are still valid. In comparison to the demo they stepped everything up a notch: Quality, sound, songwriting, hatred.
  20. Hagzissa - They Ride Along
    by Iron Bonehead Productions
    For a reason I can't explain, I didn't like their demo. However, I could see straight away that there was something coming from them. Now it finally came, and I don't regret a single second of the waiting and doing research on the band. It's a supreme album. While I'm still on my first play-through every song so far ended up in my favourites. While it's 100% black metal it still reminds me of the dirt and filth of a Pungent Stench record. Best IBH release since the latest Black Cilice LP.