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Stevie Subrizi

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  1. Cut-Ups
    by Leah Callahan
  2. n∅ll-sp∅c∅s deluxe
    by waavypanda x chaosbrokenmind
  3. Possession (2022)
    by Stevie Subrizi + Petridisch
    i love this record because i made it with my friend, to be quite honest--

    but i also love the music of Elvis Costello, so...there you go!
  4. Piece-dye
    by Cal Folger Day
  5. Bleed Out
    by the Mountain Goats
  6. The Good Life (If You Only Knew)
    by Kabir Sen
  7. Les Gouvernantes
    by Petridisch
    this is spooky organ music composed and recorded by my dear old friend, Thor! we worked at a record store together in Cambridge back in 2010.

    You should check out their stuff! We make music together sometimes.
  8. 200 Chalk Lines for Susan Collins
    by Cyparissus
  9. All The Things
    by The Chelsea Curve
  10. I Don't Know / Here We Go With The Indigo
    by Petridisch
  11. cope
    by premium rat
  12. Exhibition on Europa
    by Petridisch
  13. Laurel Hell
    by Mitski
    This is an excellent and icy synth pop album, and if you think you like Mitski but won't give this record the time of day, then I don't know what more to say on the matter.

    Mitski rules. Mitski is incredibly talented and powerfully haunting in her performing and her songwriting.

    I never know what more to say other than, "Listen to Mitski."
  14. Pompeii
    by Cate Le Bon
    Cate Le Bon is an incredibly good songwriter and lyricist, and this album has that icy synth pop thing going on that I hadn't even realized was her work these days, but I am loving it so much.

    Listen to some Cate Le Bon, boils and ghouls!!!
  15. Laurel Hell
    by Mitski
  16. Songs for Hope
    by Jan Terri
  17. Re-Dreaming (Remastered and Expanded)
    by Petridisch
  18. There and Back Again Prints
    by Various Artists
  19. L@s Skagaler@s
    by Los Skagaleros
  20. Dark in Here
    by the Mountain Goats