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  1. Meth Leppard Discography 2017 - 2019
    by Meth Leppard
  2. Rushing Through The Sky
    by Lindsay Schoolcraft
  3. Pentagrammaton
    by Joel Grind
  4. The YELLOWGOAT Sessions
    by Joel Grind
  5. "The Royal Baby Album" (2013)
    by Richard Cheese
    Too Drunk To Fuck (studio version) Too Drunk To Fuck (studio version)
    by Neckbeard Deathcamp
  7. White Death
    by Devoured Flesh
    The Shallows The Shallows
  8. Paris Powerviolence
    by KxIxSxS
    Welcome to 75 Welcome to 75
  9. THE SOUND OF ✘ 5
    by V/A Grindcore 2019
  10. Grind (r)evolution
    by Document 6
    by A Blast Beat Tribute to Dead Kennedys 2019
  12. A Dying World (Single)
    by Obituary
  13. The One Reborn
    by Putrescine
    Child Size Coffins Child Size Coffins
    oh my god this is amazing!
  14. Class War: Metal, Hardcore & Violence (Compilation)
    by Riot Ready Records
  15. Horror
    by Exhumed
  16. The Death of Hope
    by Bloodsoaked
  17. Desolate Paradise
    by Bloodsoaked
  18. Disgorging The Wretched
    by Bloodsoaked
  19. Parasitic Origin
    by Pathologically Explicit Recordings
  20. Stoner Justice
    by Connoisseur
    Smells Like Teen Dispirit Smells Like Teen Dispirit