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Steve Sanko

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  1. Crossroads
    by Djelmash
    Crossroads Crossroads
    I like my starches mashed very simply -- basic meat and potatoes.
    Great arrangements that highlight Aleksandra's nuanced / dynamic vocals. I would pay to see this music move forward. David's production is his own while letting Aleksandra do what she does. I love it.
  2. Episteme (2013 Demo Version)
    by Kadinja
    Kadinja is CONSISTENTLY turning out great material. I'm like a little girl when a new track is ready to be downloaded. I know I won't be disappointed and think I've started to take that for granted. Ascendancy is going to be a winner. Encourage anybody who can help Crowdfund on ulule to do so and help support the artist you love (subliminal......a soft yet compelling voice in your head Kadinja)
  3. Viscera EP
    by Haunted Shores
    Harrison Fjord Harrison Fjord
    Love the heavy - departure from the Periphery stuff....spread those bat-creature-like wings and fly..and sting....and kick ass and stuff
  4. Every Piece Matters
    by Plini
    nothing more to add than what has been said - always great musicianship - songwriting - feel. All shall respect the power of the octave. Plini's music is designed to make us feel good.
  5. Inmazes
    by VOLA
    The Same War The Same War
  6. Dominique (2013 Demo Version)
    by Kadinja
    More awesome Paris trotting version 3.0. Keep watching Kadinja - not just for the guitars which all "in the know" already know...listen for the dynamics and absence / drop-offs of instrumentation and interesting production....always at the right moment for maximum effect...not playing shows more maturity than playing. I love this band.
  7. Inmazes
    by VOLA
    Stray The Skies Stray The Skies
    Mature arrangements, compelling vocals / harmonies, dissonance used sparingly & effectively, and the drumming!!! - but moreover; solid songwriting - this is what should take VOLA to the next level - I'm not a betting man - but I'd bet it ALL on VOLA - Fantastisk!!!
  8. Wishful Lotus Proof
    by Jakub Zytecki
    Yellow Yellow
    Great composition that sits outside of todays prog metal genre...which is already more diverse than ever...I'm marveling at the scene and evolving talent / cross pollination. Love it.
  9. GLHF (2013 Demo Version)
    by Kadinja
    Je parle français terriblement - But I understand Kickass quite well
  10. Kadinja
    by Kadinja
    Shades Shades
    ridiculous syncopated guitar/drum trots - goosebumps