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Steve Rodger

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  1. The Harvest
    by MWWB
  2. Liquify - Illusionary Reality
    by Made of Stone Recordings
    Crystals Flow Forth from the Sea of Green Crystals Flow Forth from the Sea of Green
    Excellent olde school rock the kinda’ thing I like to listen to in the car...
  3. Valhalla
    by Greenbeard
    Every body knows the Vikings first settled in Texas not Nova Scotia... Awesome band !!
  4. Your Planet Is Doomed
    by Alien Sleeper Ships
  5. The Lord is With Us
    by Swamp Lantern
    The Halo of Eternal Night The Halo of Eternal Night
    Gods holy trousers !!
  6. Penumbra
    by Oculto
    Danse Macabre Danse Macabre
    Oculto emerge from the shadows to share their banquet of heavy fat saturated riffs YUM !!
  7. Guardians of the Sun
    by HORNSS
    Just to be clear I FUCKIN’ LOVE THIS BAND... New album please !!
  8. In Lieu
    by Tao of Lucy
    Wood Bee King Wood Bee King
    Came by on 666MrDoom’s Youtube channel, great ruff sounding bluesy tinged rock you know the kind some would have us believe they don’t make anymore... Essential !!
  9. Tigers On Opium - "503.420.6669.Vol.2"
    by Forbidden Place Records
  10. Flying Fuzz II (LP)
    These guys are young and I’m old but the Fuzz has brought us together ... Excellent !!
    appears in 1 other collection
  11. III: Hell on Earth
    by Sahara
    Didn’t realise the vinyl was for sale on the labels bc page...
  12. III (LP)
    by Sahara
    Gods Holy Trousers !!
  13. Barely Alive!
    by Mephistofeles
    Return of the Gáucho’s of sleazy doom... Tremendous !!
  14. Icauandi
    by Teenage Slaves of Satan
    More excellent twisted Stooges tinted garage doom from TSS. Essential !!
  15. The Glow
    by Crimson Caravan
    Mosquitos Mosquitos
    What a great sound !!
  16. Funkadelic
    by Funkadelic
    What Is Soul What Is Soul
    A huge ever growing pulsating funk rock brain that rules from the centre of the ultra world...
  17. Electric Voodoo
    by Demonio
  18. Black Wizard
    by Wizards of Hazards
  19. The black fairy
    by Lord Of Time
  20. Caterwaul
    by Milquetoast
    Easily my WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS release of the week, can not wait till I get a listen to the whole thing.