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  1. Garage: Bad Dream Adventure
    by Heavy Traffic
    Concomitant Concomitant
  2. The Unwelcome
    by LáGoon
    Last Hex Last Hex
    LáGoon’s crypt comes equipped with it’s own skate rink ... Superb !!
  3. Evil Eye
    by Clouds Taste Satanic
    Evil Eye Evil Eye
    When it comes to instant buys Clouds Taste Satanic are right up there... Stunningly epic atmospheric stoner doom ...
  4. Ghost:Hello
    by Ghost:Hello
    An Unrealistic Display of Optimism An Unrealistic Display of Optimism
    appears in 1 other collection
  5. Sanctum EP
    by High Priest
  6. Wizzerd
    by Wizzerd
    Wizard Wizard
  7. Ocean
    by Monocluster
    Ocean In Our Bones Ocean In Our Bones
    Brilliantly executed new album from Monocluster full of dark soaring riffs that are wound tightly around an infectious dark groove whose mood swings between crushing and soothing ...
  8. Temple Of The Fuzz Witch
    by Temple Of The Fuzz Witch
    Servants Of The Sun Servants Of The Sun
    Slow is still very much the new fast if this crawling stoner doom fuzz fest is anything to go by. Come and worship at the Temple Of The Fuzz Witch ...
  9. Interstellar Smoke
    by Mount Hush
    Sleeping Jupiter - Haze - Aquatic Void Sleeping Jupiter - Haze - Aquatic Void
    Mount Hush/Deaf Proof split makes it’s vinyl debut. Features two tracks comprising of over forty minutes of epic swirling stoner psych ...
  10. Neptune
    by Svart Hav (Stavanger)
    Black Freighter Black Freighter
    Very much my bag and an excellent first release ( I think ) from Svart Hav...
  11. DEAD WITCHES - The Final Exorcism
    Lay, Demon Lay, Demon
  12. Awakened From the Tomb
    by Witchers Creed
    Monolith Monolith
    Well if it’s good enough for number one in the Doom Charts it’s good enough for me. Nice and scuzzy !!
  13. Alchemy
    by Hemptress
    When The Sun Goes Down When The Sun Goes Down
    Superb swaggering bluesy doom ‘n ‘ roll ...
  14. Crimson Heat
    by Crimson Heat
    At My Door At My Door
  15. Tales From The Days Of Yore
    by Red Eye
    Waves Waves
    Simply stunning new album from Red Eye, Tales From Days Of Yore perfectly blends all of our favorite ingredients into a heady brew of doomy stoner psych. Come and get drunk ...
  16. Faith Bathed in Blood
    by Pesta
    Hand of God Hand of God
    Can’t really add anything to FDJ’s comment other than I’ve waited three years for a new Pesta album, has it been worth the wait I here you ask ... HELL YEA !!
  17. The Fight Needs Us All
    by Red Beard Wall
    Reign of Ignorance Reign of Ignorance
    The pre release whispers that this was gonna’ be great appear well founded ...
  18. Our Unworn Limbs
    by Uncle Woe
    Push the Blood Back in Push the Blood Back in
    Excellent long track that has a great sludge psych vibe and I really hope Uncle Woe bestow some more stuff on us real soon ...
  19. Bones
    by Sleepy Door
    Swamp Hunter Swamp Hunter
    Well sludge me !! Where the hell you been Sleepy Door ? Excellent three tracks of reverb drenched spaced out sludge doom ...
  20. Eye Of The Storm
    by Beastmaker
    Celestial Glow Celestial Glow
    I was just thinking it had been a while since we’ve had a Beastmaker release ... Awesome as usual !!
  21. Paralyzed
    by Silver Devil
    Hypersleep Hypersleep
    It’s been too long a wait since the bands first album was released but boy was it worth the wait. I’m trying to remain calm but this is so freakin’ great.
  22. Sabbath Worshipping Doom
    by Void Tripper
    The Witches Live The Witches Live
    Doomed & stoned Brasil !!
  23. Clawing Through Earth and Flesh
    by Blunt Horse
    Fields of Chaos Fields of Chaos
    Proggy sludge a particular sub genre I’m very fond of and this is a great example of ’ Prodge ‘ what an excellent noise and my download of the week ...
  24. HOWLING GIANT - Howling Giant EP (Remastered)
    by Howling Giant
    Husk (Remastered) Husk (Remastered)
  25. Doomed & Stoned in Detroit
    by Doomed & Stoned
    The Wizard in the Bog The Wizard in the Bog
    Does anybody bother listening to these excellent comps before buying surely not... Quality !!
  26. Immortal Portal
    by WARLUNG
    Heart of a Sinner Heart of a Sinner
    Instant buy no need to listen first, is there a whiff of BOC about this ...
  27. Gorm
    by Gorm
    Hydra Hydra
    Nuthin’ fancy just excellent voiceless riffing, I like it and it’s an ideal in car soundtrack ...
  28. The King of the Empty Aeon
    by Palace In Thunderland
    This Illusion's Come Alive This Illusion's Come Alive
    Boy has this been worth the wait !!
  29. The Magic Isn't Real
    by Sibyl
    Sexpionage Sexpionage
    Gods holy trousers !!
  30. Mephistofeles// Live At Detroit Club
    Evil Beauty Evil Beauty
    Nobody does this crawling blues tinted doom better than Mephistofeles ... Absolutely filthy !!
  31. Warmask
    by Warmask
    The Stand The Stand
    Dystopian road rock that shows sometimes keeping a musical recipe simple can bring real focus of purpose and I already need another helping ...
  32. TOME
    by TOME
    A Dark Summoning A Dark Summoning
    I’d say despite the tag ‘ thrash ‘ to me it sounds ( in a good way ) more trashy and has a stoner punk vibe ... Anyhow I like it
  33. Wizards About
    by About Wizards
    The Great Destroyer The Great Destroyer
    Gods holy trousers !!
  34. Worship the Weird
    by Sacred Monster
    Waverly Hills Waverly Hills
  35. Samsara
    by Jagannatha
    Brahmaand Brahmaand
    Spiralling tendrils dripping with the luxuriant tones of heavy fuzz inspired stoner psych jams radiating out into space ... Awesome !!
  36. Dealing with the Harvester
    by Cosmic Plunge
    March of Crows March of Crows
    I really rated the bands previous album and somewhere I have the T-shirt to prove it. This initially sounds a bit darker than the last album but all the better for it I say ...
  37. Calm Before The Calm
    by The Lunar Effect
    Deep Blue Sky Deep Blue Sky
    Wonderful fuzz packed riffs ...
  38. The Thirst
    by Dry Heathen
    Monolithic Shadows Monolithic Shadows
    Another great Portland band, must be something in the water up there
  39. 4 Way Split
    by Spaceslug
    Ahtmosphere Ahtmosphere
    The Polish stoner/doom brotherhood deliver a split that even at this early stage must be in the running for split of the year ... Awesome !!
  40. Woodland Rites
    Let the Devil In Let the Devil In
    Songs from a dark wood ... I've let the devil in have you ?
  41. Prodeuce
    by The Reptilians
    Prodeuce Prodeuce
  42. EP
    by Wulfhound
    The Tower The Tower
    This is excellent, love those lumbering fuzz saturated riffs ...
  43. Oceanic Titanic
    by Solarnaut
    Diaboli Diaboli
  44. The End
    by Ordos
    If it says Ordos on it then as far as I’m concerned I don’t have to listen before buying...
  45. Southern Funeral
    Under The Spell Under The Spell
    The bands previous album Post Mortem Blues was in my 2017 top ten and based on the available track there’s no reason this won’t be in this years list of top albums. There’s a whiff of Priest about this if you need any further encouragement to grab a copy ...