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Steve Rodger

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  1. Aphasia
    by stonus
  2. Dronacolum
    by Sonic Prayer
  3. Foggy Bog Eyes
    by Hypnotic Floor
    Woods Woods
    Excellent album of trippy psychedelic fuzzed blues, kinda different but also reassuring familiar...
  4. Abyss
    by BlackLab
  5. Aristocrats
    by Baby Elephant and the Horse
  6. of Dimensions & Theories
    by Vinnum Sabbathi
  7. Lordship
    by Lordship
    Age of Fire Age of Fire
    There’s a particular tone of fuzz I can’t resist and this has it in spades ...
  8. Closed Eyes...Open Mind
    by WeedWizard
    Closed Eyes, Open Mind Closed Eyes, Open Mind
    Not the usual vocals I go for but the riffs are epic ...
  9. Baardvader
    by Baardvader
    Toxins Toxins
    Does exactly what it says on the tin ... It’s fuzzy and it rocks.
  10. Swamplord
    by Swamplord
    They Pray They Pray
    Superb sludge power trio deliver the goods ...
  11. Spaceflowers
    by The Spacelords
    Lysergic spiralling riffs that had me instantly reaching for the vinyl ... Awesome !!
  12. Bring Me The Axe
    by Bring Me The Axe
  13. Richtfest
    by Homunkulus
    White Troll White Troll
    Someone is gonna come by this one day and rave about how they found buried bandcamp treasure ...
  14. House of the Star: Retrospect
    by Willow Ash
    Joseph and the Goat of Many Colors Joseph and the Goat of Many Colors
    Not so much a Willow Ash ‘ Best Of ‘ rather a chance to have great tracks all in one place ...
  15. Sigma Draconis
    by Hypnochron
    I had all but given up on ever having some new Hypnochron stuff BUT here it is ... Awesome !!
  16. Saboteurs Of The Sun
    by Limb
    The Astronaut The Astronaut
    Crushing psych metal and album cover of the year ... Gods holy trousers !!
  17. Second-Hand Apes
    by Second-Hand Apes
    Geisslerlied Geisslerlied
    I’d say this is a lot heavier than the name possibly suggests,
  18. Habits
    by Elephant Tree
    Instant buy no need to listen first, heavy blues psych swaggering ethereal riffing...
  19. Blood Of The Night
    by Yatra - STB - 33
  21. Khola Cosmica
    by Khola Cosmica
    Khola Cosmica Khola Cosmica
    I was down a YouTube rabbit hole and came by this, I remembered buying the bands split with Bomg back in 2015... For those times when only Japanese stoner doom can scratch your itch.
    by Gypsybyrd
    The Mountain The Mountain
    The promise of something great hinted in the initial couple of tracks is fulfilled AND THEN SOME...
  23. Isles of Mars
    by Isles of Mars
    Black Tongue Black Tongue
    This is causing quite a stir and I can do nothing but jump aboard ...
  24. Doomed Congregation
    by WeedWizard
    appears in 1 other collection
  25. Of A Mind Unconscious
    by Stone Ritual
  26. Immanentize The Eschaton
    by Anunnaki
    Procession To Apocalypse Procession To Apocalypse
    Been meaning to get this for ages, Krautrock doomy drone psych freak out !!
  27. Haymaker
    by Hauler
    Room-Shaking Whirlwind of Hysteria Room-Shaking Whirlwind of Hysteria
    Jumped on both the bands releases within seconds ... A great noise !!
  28. Hunker Down
    by Hauler
    Replacing Fuel with Fire Replacing Fuel with Fire
    Can’t find much about the band but my ears tell me this is really fuckin’ good ...
  29. Prophecies, Episode I : The Awakening
    by Kurse
    Twin Suns Twin Suns
    The bands previous release was a real 2017 high light for me and this is of no lesser quality, both would make a great double vinyl release ...
  30. Big Stallion Energy
    by MARE
    Gods holy trousers !!
  31. Culto Suicida
    by Satánico Pandemonium
    Superb LSDR release ...
  32. The Rave Cave
    by Monegros Acid Resort
    Morphine Methanphetamine Morphine Methanphetamine
    Over 70 minutes of superb cavernous space doom ... Excellent !!
  33. song of the night
    by kosmonaut
  34. Doomed & Stoned in Hellas
    by Doomed & Stoned
  35. Ruby Pin
    by Nor
  36. Highway of Heroes
    by Screamer
    Towers Of Babylon Towers Of Babylon
    Possibly the best NWOBHM influenced album I’ve found on BC yet. Someone in this band must have a Vardis shirt ... Headbang like it’s 1980 ...
  37. Sleeping Tree
    by Sleeping Tree
    Great tone to this album that really gives sonic bulk to the riffs. Digging it !!
  38. RYTE - Ryte
    As good a Heavy Psych Records release as I’ve heard in a while, great swirling riffs coalesce around a maelstrom of heavy prog tinged fuzz ... Excellent !!
  39. Back to the Caves
    by CroMagnon
    Great slice of sludge doom drooling for more ...
  40. Vol.3
    by Electric Pussy
    Mistress Of Doom Mistress Of Doom
    Gods holy trousers !!
  41. 1782
    by 1782
    She Was A Witch She Was A Witch
    Classic Italian doom that’s dark and swaggering ... Awesome !!
  42. Unveil
    by PASTOR
    Chaos Age Rises Chaos Age Rises
    Just when your getting bored with the holidays Pastor go and drop an album and suddenly the holidays are rocking like fuck ... Awesome !!
  43. Residue
    by Ocultum
  44. Stones Of Babylon - Hanging Gardens
    by ragingplanet
    Black Pig Secret Megalith Black Pig Secret Megalith
    Gods holy trousers !!
    by Kröwnn