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  1. Häxan, ...or Medieval Witchcraft and Infanticide...
  2. Verses In Oath
    by Hulder
  3. Staring Into The Void
  4. Paths Of Satan And Black Witchcraft
    by PETIT NUAGE NOIR\Dvrèbnar.akr
  5. Wampyric Rites / Culto Nocturno
    by Wampyric Rites
  6. Storm of Witchcraft
    by Malleus
  7. The Dawn Of Blackened Death
    by Impalement
  8. Fucked by the Devil
    by Devil Moon
  9. Jumalhaaska
    by Korgonthurus
  10. Don't Wait Until Night...
    by Alucard
  11. Midnight Assassin
    by Sadistic Force
  12. Ulf's Keptr
    by Unholy Craft
  13. The Rites of the Vampire Inscriptions
    by Wampyric Rites
  14. Veil of Death, Ruptured
    by Asagraum
  15. Devoted & Devastated in Scarlatta Draumar
    by Zulmet
  16. Blood Upon the Gates at Dawn
    by Nihil Invocation
  17. The Fires of Heaven
    by Malleus
  18. The Impalement
    by Impalement
    as gunter666 highlights....Belphegorish to the point of Helmuth providing solo duties on Satan's Fire In My Eyes.
  19. Brahdr'uhz - Alea jacta est
    by Lepre Productions
  20. A Blaze Of Tridents
    by Unholy Craft