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  1. End of days pilgrimage
    by Black Sky Giant
  2. Forever Ripping Fast
  3. Relics of the Dead
    Mangled as the Hideous Feed Mangled as the Hideous Feed
    This was just what my day needed - FINALLY the full release I've been waiting for. Great music throughout and such marvelous tempo shifts and OH the guitar tones! This is some fantastic DeathDoom. In my opinion, if you like such bands as Hooded Menace or Worm, this is right up your alley. Highly recommended. May peace and prosperity be on those in the band and all those they hold dear.
  4. Death Revival (Death Metal)
    by ABYSSUS (Greece)
    Genocide Genocide
    Classic OSDM w/hints of punk thrown in for fun. Great outing & a delight to the ears. Just the right amount of snarl to the vocals & the musicianship is tight & polished throughout. I love how the bass is placed in the mix - and well played to boot :-)
    Abyssus has done a marvelous job with this album & I'm so glad I preordered this months ago, though the wait was nigh interminable for this finely honed final product. May peace & prosperity be on those in the band & all they hold dear
  5. IV
    by Naxatras
    I'm only frustrated with there being only one teaser track for so long now... But damn, what a great track it is. I'm anxious beyond measure for the full release and am considering doing a video review/discussion once I've had enough time to fully appreciate the released product. A brilliant sounding expansion to their sound style and all I can say at this point is BRING IT ON! I'm stoked for this release
  6. Decay
    by Tension
  7. Vicious Knights - Alteration Through Possession
    by Dying Victims Productions
    They Cast No Shadow They Cast No Shadow
    Really fantastic teaser tracks so far for this release and eager for the whole to come out. Nice solid sound and production values. Thrashy and just "garage" enough in sound to greatly impress. Solid rhythm section and nice tempo shifts. Vocals are nicely gruff without falling into a growl style. Just solid thrashiness. A solid-seeming debut. And already curious what they could do with slightly higher production input.
    Definitely recommended
  8. Rites of Gore
    by Sentient Horror
  9. Galaxy - On the Shore of Life
    by Dying Victims Productions
    Valentine Valentine
    Astonishingly fabulous in its scope & accomplishments! A better debut LP in the NWOTHM I have not heard this year. This music touches on everything from classic Judas Priest & Mercyful Fate to Savatage & Queensryche. There's just so much to love about this slab of majesty. May peace and prosperity be on the boys in the band and all they hold dear
    EDIT - I made a video review with the band's approval and here is the link
  10. Coherence
    by Be'lakor
    Valence Valence
    Updated post-release
    This is an exceptional album by a band capable of true greatness. Certainly was one of the most anticipated albums in the melo-death genre for the year, and it doesn't disappoint. Check out my review at
  11. Outlier
    by Von Citizen
    Pitchblack Pitchblack
    A truly astonishing sophomore effort from an astounding group of musicians. Incredible fusion-meets-prog metal music with great heart at its core. So glad I stumbled upon this band and I may even be doing a video about this album. Incredible and joyful music.
    EDIT - made the video, and here's the link
    Hope you enjoy - peace and prosperity to you and those you hold dear
  12. Empyrean
    by Paranorm
    Intelligence Explosion Intelligence Explosion
    This is a massive rush of cathartic energy. The blending of thrash and death elements with the progressive musicianship is beautiful and masterfully performed by Paranorm. I can't recommend this album enough. Great mixing, solid production, and easily an album that should see the band rise to the top of the charts.
  13. Leiden
    by Aethereus
  14. Escaping Eternity
    by The Devils of Loudun
  15. Vol.II
    by Stranger In My Town
    Flying Leaf Flying Leaf
    I'm a fan of instrumental guitar-based music, i.e. Stone Rebel, Octopus Diver, but what sets this apart from that pack is the rough, coarse guitar work. Stranger In My Town weave tapestries of sound that the mind's eye just loses itself in. Fantastic rhythm section backs up phenomenal lead and rhythm guitar work. This is a band to keep an eye and ear on. Peace and prosperity to the boys in the band and all those they hold dear.
  16. In Chaos Ascend (Death Metal)
    by NECROPHAGOUS (Sweden)
  17. Caravans To The Outer Worlds
    by Enslaved
    Caravans To The Outer Worlds Caravans To The Outer Worlds
    Sometimes, short and sweet wins the day. Such is the case here. Enslaved have delivered a masterful recording without passing the 20 minute mark. The mix of instrumentation and tempos, time signature changes and harsh and clean vocals abound on the two tracks with vocals. In all, a great, brief listen. Highly recommended
  18. Binge/Purge
    by Dischordia
  19. The Night Carries On (EP)
    by Post Luctum
  20. Racks
    by Bucketheadland